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Don’t hold back, Bobby.

Light ‘em up

NCAA Football: Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game-Louisville vs Auburn Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

During today’s University of Louisville’s Football Kickoff Luncheon, head coach Bobby Petrino was asked, in jest by Sean Moth, if there would need to be some additional light’s added to the scoreboard for the upcoming football season.

Coach Petrino had this in response:

Yes, yes it is about time we start lighting up that scoreboard again. When Petrino was hired (again) to lead the Cardinals, many fans envisioned the days of old when the Cards would routinely score in the 40’s. That hasn’t quite been the case so far in his first two years back as the Cardinals averaged 29.9 points a game. While that’s still not a bad number, it’s not close to the 41 points a game that Petrino’s teams averaged over his first 4 years here.

While there’s no guarantee that this year’s team will have an offensive explosion like we’ve been waiting for, it certainly helps that the quarterback knows what the plays are now.

While I do miss Fiery Bobby and his “Let’s go kick their ass!” attitude, I don’t think we’ll see that same type of demeanor in Bobby 2.0. However, with small little jokes and responses like this, it’s becoming apparent that he is really confident with this team and we may see the offense burst on to the scene.

Or, if we could just hang 60 on Kentucky this year, I’d be ok with that too.