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The Cardinal Countdown: 17 Days Until Kickoff

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

#17 James Quick

Class: Senior

Ht/Wt: 6-1/180

Position: Wide Receiver

Hometown: Louisville, KY (Product of Trinity High School)

Twitter: @Uno1Siete7

Thoughts: I could probably just post the link from Mike’s article on James Quick a couple weeks ago right here and call it a day, but I guess I’ll give you a few thoughts of my own on Mr. Quick and what we might expect to see this season…

Let me start with this. I’ve been a James Quick “truther” since his freshman season, meaning that I understand the frustration, I understand the anger, and I understand reputation he’s built over the last three seasons…but the kid can still play football pretty dang well. Let’s take a moment and review James' career at UofL as “Reciever X”, a highly ranked recruit who came into a rising program looking to contribute…

2013: A true freshman, learning the Strong/Watson offense, stuck behind four future NFL wideouts (Parker/Copeland/Rogers/De La Cruz) and two additional upperclassmen (Robo Clark/Michalee Harris). Finished year with 6 receptions for 93 yds, appeared in 9 games

My Grade: B- (Tough to crack that rotation, not a lot of opportunities, performed fine when given the chance, had some drops that aren't uncommon for frosh)

2014: Sophomore season, finishes second on the team in receiving yardage, behind one of the best to ever do it in a Louisville uniform (Parker), and third in touchdowns and receptions behind two other NFL players (Eli Rogers/Gerald Christian). Had 36 receptions and the second best yd/rec avg (15.72) on the team.

My Grade: B+ (No one was taking the Top Spot from Parker, rightfully so, and he more than held his own on the opposite side of the field. People don’t factor in that the total passing yardage on the season dropped by over 800 yards and there were 74 fewer total receptions with Teddy’s departure. Made the most of what he was given in the offense.)

2015: Junior season, played mostly in the slot, lead the team in receptions (39) and was only 14 yards shy of leading the team in receiving yardage  as well (624). Lead the team in receiving touchdowns (5). All of this was done with 100 FEWER total receiving yards and ten FEWER total receptions than 2014, or in other words, 900 fewer receiving yards and 84 fewer receptions than Teddy’s last year. He missed two games (Houston/Clemson) which were both losses and had his best games of the year against the two biggest remaining opponents on the schedule going for 130 yards and 3 touchdowns against Florida State and 94 receiving yards and a touchdown against Kentucky.

My Grade: A (Lead the team in most statistical categories, provided flexibility out of the slot and on the outside, dealt with rotating QBs during the season, provided leadership, and was the “go to” target when team was in trouble against Fla St and UK)

So, what was the point of that exercise? Hopefully it at least opened your eyes a little to what Quick has brought to the table in his 3 seasons with the Cards. I think expectations on Quick were slightly unfair upon his arrival but as I stated before, I’m not blind, and I do understand where the rocky relationship stems from for most fans.

I think my man ‘CardsRuleACC’ summed it up great in Mike’s post that I referenced above. I’m paraphrasing here but the extent of the comment was that fair or not, the two biggest plays that Quick is remembered for are the fumbled punt at Virginia and the poor route towards the endzone at Clemson. Period. In my opinion, the young man has made some big plays, nice catches, and has been a formidable receiver, but the taste of those mistakes still lingers in most fans mouths each time he has a dropped ball or makes an error. While I think Staples will be “the man” in 2016 in terms of targets I think Quick makes some game changing plays this year and provides some experience to help us get over the hump against Florida State or Clemson. It’s amazing how a winning touchdown catch or two against a big time opponent can completely change the narrative of a season or a player. Hopefully that the case this year for James.

Sweet Tweet:

I’m hoping some of the fans spitting that James Quick fire will offer up an apology if your boy lights it up in 2016. If you feel the need to do so I’ll leave the final decision up to you but can offer a few suggestions for an apology ballad. Maybe go a little old school with some ‘Chicago’-Hard to Say I’m Sorry…a little heavier with ‘R.E.M’ – The Apologist…get out all your deep ‘feels’ with some ‘Purple Rain’….or be all hip and current with some Biebs.. it too late now to say sorry…because I’m missing more than just your body…wait, what? Hold on, that came out wrong. I meant like ‘body of work’ or something. I don’t like your like “body-body” you know…I mean….crap….I…umm….dammit.