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2015-16 Card Chronicle Least Cool Person Tournament Quarterfinals: Dan Dakich vs. John Calipari

The festivities start now.


--Making his LCPT debut.

--While calling Louisville's game against Michigan State, said Rick Pitino shouldn't be the coach of the Cardinals.

--"There's so many layers to it. There's the NCAA part of it. There's a criminal investigation. To me, it doesn't matter whether Coach Pitino knew or didn't know. It shouldn't happen under anybody's watch. I'd be a bad athletic director, I know. I'd be a bad president. I would be. But I would not have Coach Pitino as my coach. When these things come out, you just can't tolerate that as an institution. This isn't the only thing that, over the last five years, has come out with Louisville. And as a president or athletic director I'd get tired of these things. I have too much respect for higher education and the people who pay to have their kids go to Louisville to allow that. But he is, and good for him."

--Tweeted that "karma is a mutha" for Trey Lewis and Damion Lee after the postseason ban was announced on Feb. 5, later saying that both players had "abandoned" their former teams to go play at Louisville.




--Four-time LCPT runner-up (2010-2013) who has been left out of the field just once (2014) since arriving in Lexington.

--Continued to take thinly veiled shots at Louisville and Rick Pitino and then denied the comments were directed at anyone after Pitino responded.

--Whined incessantly about getting a 4 seed in the tournament and said the SEC should have a preseason tournament instead of a postseason one.

--Said Damion Lee shouldn't have been able to leave Drexel and that the Dragons would have made the NCAA Tournament had he not transferred to Louisville.

You have 24 hours to determine who is moving on to the semifinals.