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The Cardinal Countdown: 60 Days Until Kickoff

Still my favorite hoodie of all-time

The Crunch Zone

#60 Tyler Haycraft

Class: Sophomore

Ht/Wt: 6-3/269

Position: Offensive Line

Hometown: Louisville, KY (Product of St. Xavier High School)

Twitter: @tyler70haycraft

Thoughts: Tyler is another local walk-on who will more than likely remain on the practice squad this season. I know he got some reps with the ‘White’ Team during the Spring Game and seemed to hold his own against some of the big boys in the trenches. To that point, typically there’s not a huge athletic gap on the depth chart of the offensive line, it usually comes down to size (Tyler is undersized for D1) and physical strength. I wouldn’t be shocked to hear that Haycraft could compete with a Kenny Thomas or Geron Christian in the drills/practice reps but he obviously lacks the physical presence and strength to play significant minutes in the ACC. That of course doesn’t make his role less important to the team, just not as publicized.

Speaking of the Spring Game, in case you missed it, the ACC Digital Network (when does Jeff Fischel sleep?) had a quick recap of the Spring Game back in Apri. A perfect excuse to watch some Cardinal football in July.

Sweet Tweet:

That’s right Tyler, only 4 more days until…(furiously searches Google for random event happening on July 7th)…The Armor of Light is released on Netflix…??? Well, if that doesn’t get your blood pumping, maybe the pack of movies released on Netflix last Friday will do the trick. All three ‘Back To The Future’ movies, ‘Bad Boys II’, ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ I and II, all the ‘Lethal Weapon’ movies, and the great American classic…‘Mean Girls’.

So Fetch.