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State judge blocks Governor Bevin's dissolution of old U of L board

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I don't really know what the hell is going on. You don't really know what the hell is going on. All anyone knows is that we look extremely silly and Sept. 1 can't get here soon enough.

A judge has ruled in favor of Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear and blocked Gov. Matt Bevin's executive order abolishing the University of Louisville's board of trustees.

In a temporary injunction issued Friday morning, Franklin Circuit Judge Phillip Shepherd wrote that the governor's move raises "profound issues regarding the statutes on governance of public universities and the separation of powers under the Kentucky Constitution."

Bevin abolished U of L's board in June and created a new one with 10 appointed members instead of the 17 set by state law.

The new board approved the resignation of President James Ramsey at a marathon meeting on Wednesday.

You can read the full judge's order right here.

The other thing that has people talking is this:

As long as this doesn't come to fruition, I don't even care about any of the other stuff at this point. Just don't let U of L turn into "The University of Kentucky at Louisville." I will cut somebody. I won't want to do it, but I will have been left no choice.