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Wednesday morning Cardinal news and notes

The Card Chronicle 2016 Summer Tour moves now to Zaragoza, Spain, where U of L student Dana Roberts is letting the people know in front of the Cathedral-Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar.

I_medium If you missed yesterday's interview with Bobby Petrino on R&R, you can catch the podcast here.

I_medium The mother of top U of L basketball recruit Malik Williams has been a Cardinal basketball fan for a long time, which is pretty stellar news.

I_medium In appropriately bizarre fashion, Dan Dakich yesterday chose not to directly address the fact that he was aware of his status as a Least Cool Person Tournament semifinalist, but rather simply tweeted my Twitter avatar picture.

He also tweeted the profile picture of former C-J UK hoops beat reporter Kyle Tucker without any explanation.

I have no idea what to say about any of this other than to chalk it up as Dakich pulling a reverse Howard Dean and effectively making a positive late push in a race where it looked like he had no chance. Ultimately, he's still going to fall woefully short of catching Andre McGee, but you cant knock the hustle.

The field will be lighter next year, Dan, I can almost guarantee it. Return a couple seniors (or a one-liner ripping Tony Hicks) and go 2016 Villanova in 12 months.

I_medium Former Cards Josh Rogers and Corey Ray went head-to-head in minor league action last night, and Jody Demling was in the house to document the occasion.

I_medium Congrats to Dillon Avare, David Levitch and Mangok Mathiang, who have all been named to the 2015-16 NABC Honors Court.

I_medium Here's a fun discussion from Reddit where Louisville fans discuss their clearest memories of Cardinal football.

I_medium That grip. That face. That Ted.

I_medium Stewart Mandel says that Notre Dame is the trump card for the ACC Network's future.

I_medium My man Seedy K examines the best and worst sports deals of all-time, which includes one of the worst decisions of all-time in any capacity from our old friends at Tulane.

Worst first.

Tulane was a charter member of the SEC. Along with a couple of other schools which left the league, but really can't be faulted.1

But the Green Wave, the first SEC chool to integrate a sports program, when a Negro student played on the baseball team its last season in the conference, is a whole different story.

Not a pleasant one for the folks uptown in New Orleans on St. Charles Ave..

The Crescent City school split the league in '66, in order to broaden the football schedule, play more inter-sectional games. The school's prexy proclaimed, "We have no intention of de-emphasizing football, basketball or any other sport."

Hmmm. How's that working out?

With all due respect to Shaun King and Jerald Honeycutt, it's not working out well.

I_medium Life continues to be unkind to Marcus Vick and I continue to not feel particularly bad for him.

I_medium If you chronicle (TM) your full summer vacation in a CCBM, then you're going to make it on CC as part of the summer tour.

I_medium Turf Show Times previews the upcoming season for Jamon Brown.

I_medium Again I tell you to remember the name: Matthew Hurt. He now officially has a scholarship offer from U of L.

I_medium All my middle nephew wanted for his 10th birthday was a basketball autographed by Rick Pitino. He got it and was very pumped.

Middle nephew turned 10 and enjoyed his new autographed Rick Pitino basketball.

A video posted by Mike Rutherford (@cardchronicle) on

I_medium Louisville offered a scholarship to five-star class of 2018 guard Immanuel Quickley on Tuesday. Quickley is currently considered a Duke lean.

I_medium All right, it's time once again for another dose of CC summer advice for the college year ahead.

At some point in your college career, you're almost certainly going to enter into some sort of romantic relationship (or at least have a romantic interaction) that's going to wind up causing you to feel some pretty negative emotions. People in college seem to like music, and in addition to serving as the background noise for drinking games I've now never heard of, music can also help you cope with these emotions.

Should you find yourself in this undesirable situation, here are five songs I recommend putting on repeat until you work up the strength to leave your room for food and/or bathroom duties:

Josh Ritter - "New Lover" (Catchy, quirky, beautifully written and capped off with the perfect closing line)

Eamon - "F--k It" (Because sometimes getting drunk and singing along to songs with the most vulgar language possible is the best way to deal with a problem...don't let anyone tell you any differently.)

The Mountain Goats - "No Children" (I didn't know anywhere to go other than this painfully honest song to convey my emotions after U of L's unbelievable loss to Syracuse in what is still the saddest post in CC history)

Waxahatchee - "Swan Dive" (Standard tale of two people who have reached a point where they can't be happy together or apart, but for totally different reasons. It's also a fun song to sing along with)

Ryan Adams - "Come Pick Me Up" (The best part of the song will forever remain that stealing his records is the only thing Ryan can imagine a significant other doing that's in the same stratosphere as having sex with all of his friends)

Also, don't jump in the baby pool. Like, there are going to be people -- maybe friends, even -- who are either drunk or stupid enough to make you feel like you're going to be a hero if you jump into the baby pool, but trust me, you're going to be shocked at how quickly they turn on you once other people start talking about how annoying it was that you jumped in the baby pool. I'm so serious, you guys.

I_medium Don't say we never talk MLB here.

I_medium The original board of trustees meeting that was scheduled for yesterday will be held today. My prediction from yesterday morning (Tuesday, not Monday) still stands.

I_medium ESPN will probably have a hard time convincing cable and satellite operators to take the ACC Network.

I_medium Stranger Things on Netflix: do it. BoJack Horseman season 3 on Netflix: double do it.

I_medium Quiz Bowl national champions, 2017. Mark it down.

I_medium The staff over at Black Heart Gold Pants, one of my favorite SB Nation team sites for years now, announced yesterday that they're hanging up their keyboards.

Awful line. They would have written one far more clever. They will be missed.

I_medium If you keep spotting 'em and sending 'em in, I'm gonna keep posting 'em.

These people are batshit crazy. Not all UK fans, no, but these people absolutely.

I_medium The Pac-12 has released its conference basketball schedule for 2016-17. Go nuts.

I_medium Could Louisville be getting a commitment from a 4-star running back soon? Maybe, I don't know. But other people seem to think it's possible.

I_medium Every workout video ever should be viewed in slo-mo.

I_medium According to at least one report, Kyle Kuric turned down a partially guaranteed contract with the Warriors to re-sign with his Gran Canaria club in Spain.

I_medium Bleacher Report projects that Louisville will start the 2016 season ranked No. 22.

I_medium And finally, ESPN says the KFC Yum Center is the third-hardest place for road teams to win in the ACC.

3. Louisville Cardinals: KFC Yum! Center, opened in 2010
The Yum! Center is often referred to as a pro arena with a college atmosphere. The youngest arena in the ACC also happens to be the most complete. It has amenities that could turn the game into an afterthought with premium lounges on the east and west stands of the lower tier, a bar overlooking the Ohio River and plenty of monitors to not miss any of the game. Fortunately for the Cardinals, their fans are among the most basketball savvy in the league, so they're generally in their seats and engaged throughout the game.

Fun fact: The eventual national champion has played in the KFC Yum! Center in every season of its existence: Duke (2015) and Connecticut (2011, 2014) played there in the regular season; Villanova (2016) and Kentucky (2012) won NCAA tournament games there; the Cardinals themselves cut down the nets in 2013.

Virginia's John Paul Jones Arena checks in at No. 2, just behind Duke's Cameron Indoor Stadium.