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The Cardinal Countdown: 36 Days Until Kickoff

#36 Evan O’Hara

Class: Sophomore

Ht/Wt: 6-0/202

Position: Kicker

Hometown: Florence, KY

Twitter: N/A

Thoughts: If I were a betting man (ignore that Twin Spires card in my wallet) I’d peg Evan and Blanton Creque (Day 32) as the top dogs competing for the starting kicker position in 2016. If you watched the Spring Game this year Evan is most likely a familiar name to you, that’s what happens when a team scores 70 and you have to trot out there and kick ten extra points (10-10). Evan also threw in a 37 yard field goal in said Spring Game and Petrino seemed pleased afterward noting he was impressed with how Evan performed during camp.

With that said, Blanton was still coming back from a basketball injury at the time and anyone making assumptions about position battles in April, well….that typically isn’t a good philosophy. As I said before, Tony Grantham wants the kicker battle to last into late fall camp, a week or two before Game 1, allowing both to push each other to get better. The depth chart that was released last week has Creque at 1 and O’Hara at 2 but “every position is up for grabs” according to the staff.

Should be fun to watch, you know, if you enjoy watching guys kick a ball a couple hundred times over and over again from 3 different spots on the field for a few hours a day.

To each their own. This is a judgment free zone.



Sweet Tweet: No twitter for O’Hara. Instead of staying up late surfing through tweets Evan is probably checking out some late night infomercials. I LOVE where you’re head is at my man.

I also enjoy the late night aroma of bad decisions…Exhibit A, Exhibit B

Exhibit C

Let do this…

CardinalStrong: Niiice. We got to get one of these.

Mrs. CS: Yeah, nothing like a plastic hoop on our bedroom door to really class up the joint.

CardinalStrong: Nobody will ever see it, plus, maybe you’ll do some more laundry now since you know, it’ll be “fun”

Mrs. CS: ……

CardinalStrong: I’ll take your silence as a sign of you daydreaming about me dropping 10ft dirty sock jumpers in your grill all summer long. ORDER IT!



CardinalStrong: Look at this thing babe, it throws up thousands of tiny stars on the house, all from one little light

Mrs. CS: No way it looks that good in real life, and if you think that little thing can get you out of hanging all our Christmas decorations outside you’re sadly mistaken.

CardinalStrong: But it’s a shower of red and green lights! It would save me hours. More time with you and the kids, ya know? Look you can even buy a little filter to make them silver or gold. Wouldn’t you love to have a golden showe-….as it was coming out of my mouth I knew it was wrong.

Mrs. CS: Should probably just stick to light strands and garland, shower boy.



CardinalStrong: Our lives will never be the same…120 water balloons at our fingertips in a matter of seconds.

Mrs. CS: Why would you possibly need that?

CardinalStrong: I’ll do you one better, give me one reason I WOULDN’T need it?

Mrs. CS: Because you’ll just throw them at me or the kids all day

CardinalStrong: ……

Mrs. CS: and you’ll have to go pick up 120 busted water balloons out of the yard

CardinalStrong: ……

Mrs. CS: and more than likely you’ll accidently break something with one while you’re acting dumb.

CardinalStrong: ……Still waiting on that reason