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Support 1 Great Event Benefitting 3 Great Cardinal Causes

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I have some direct or indirect ties to all three of the causes being benefitted here, and can assure you that they are all worth endeavors supported by terrific people.

Here are the details via the fine folks with the Charlie George Invitational (namely, Charlie George):

The sixth annual Charlie George Invitational ("CGI") charity golf tournament will be held on August 6, 2016 at Nevel Meade Golf Course in Louisville, Kentucky. What started as a simple game of golf in 2011 has transformed into a one-of-a-kind golf scramble to raise money for local charities and scholarships.

In 2015, the CGI partnered with the Community Foundation of Louisville to create the CGI Charitable Giving Fund in order to formalize the CGI's fundraising efforts and encourage charitable giving throughout the Kentuckiana area. The Fund is supported by two events during the first week of August: a philanthropy event on at Molly Malone's in St. Matthews, and the annual golf scramble.

Over its history, the CGI has donated to Holy Spirit Parish, the Ryann Tewell Scholarship Fund through Sacred Heart Academy, the Steven Vanover Memorial Research and Scholarship Fund through the University of Louisville JB Speed School of Engineering, and to a GoFundMe account to assist Pete Nochta in his fight against cancer.

In 2015, over 100 people participated in the scramble, and the Fund raised a total of $8,094.

This year, the Fund will donate to the following three charities. To donate, please visit

(1) Ryann Tewell Scholarship Fund through Sacred Heart Academy in honor of Ryann Tewell

(2) Steven Vanover Memorial Research and Scholarship Fund through the University of Louisville JB Speed School of Engineering in honor of Steven Vanover

(3) Cross Cultural Solutions in honor of Graham Keeley

Event schedule:

Event: Charitable fundraiser in honor of Ryann Tewell, Steven Vanover and Graham Keeley
Where: Molly Malone's in St. Matthews
Address: 3900 Shelbyville Rd, St Matthews, KY 40207
When: Friday, August 5th from 7:00-10:00 PM
Event Type: Open, everyone welcome

Event: 2016 CGI Tournament
Where: Nevel Meade Golf Course
Address: 3123 Nevel Meade Dr., Prospect, KY 40059
When: Saturday, August 6th from 7:30 am-5:00pm
Event Type: Invitation only

For more information about the charitable causes, the CGI or the fundraising event, please visit the CGI Facebook page or the CGI website at, or contact Charlie George at

Thanks in advance for any role you can play in helping out with these terrific causes.