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Wednesday afternoon Cardinal news and notes

Congrats to Brian and Melissa on committing to spend the rest of their lives together and to making out in CCBMs at least once a month. It was in their vows. It should have been in their vows.

I_medium Sometimes you go to Colorado for a wedding and a long weekend and you wind up in a photo booth with Rick Pitino and Tom Jurich (I'm the bottom bird ... I promise).

There's also a shot somewhere of me and Tom in bird masks and Pitino in a horse mask (Rick saying "I want the horse mask" was just as glorious as you might imagine), but it has yet to surface.

Anyway, the trip was great but I'm glad to be back so we can ride out these final weeks of the offseason together.

I_medium Christian Corona of 247 Sports says definitively that Louisville will be one of the 10 best teams in college football this season.

I_medium If you missed the news earlier this week, starting this season, the No. 1 overall seed in the NCAA Tournament will get to choose the location of its first and second round games.

I_medium Lance Thomas is definitely a name in the class of 2017 for Louisville fans to keep close tabs on.

I_medium The fine folks over at the 35th and KY Sports Show are hosting a "best athlete from Louisville" tournament. Check it out.

I_medium Showtime announced Tuesday that they're going to be doing a reality series on Florida State's 2016 football season. Here's hoping the week three episode is their Red Wedding.

I_medium Luke Winn breaks down the latest offseason of the "transfer era" in college basketball, and includes a couple of references to Luke Hancock and Trey Lewis.

I_medium I need an entire episode dedicated to the guy who couldn't stop crying about the blue ribbon.

I_medium Kentucky is still one of the five most hapless power conference football programs in the country.

I_medium Three reasons why Preston Brown will be a star for the Bills defense in 2016.

I_medium Vote Lamar. I mean, it won't really change or accomplish anything, but that's not a good enough reason not to do it.

I_medium Big 12 expansion talk will live forever.

I_medium "We'll do anything, guys. We will touch Jayhawk dong."

I_medium Louisville is the No. 1 worst city in America for air pollution today. Way to go, Cardosi.

I_medium The Maui Invitational announced the bracket for its annual November tournament Tuesday.

I_medium The C-J breaks down how the nine former U of L players fared in the NBA summer league.

I_medium Montrezl Harrell has spent a chunk of his summer working on adding a 3-point shot to his arsenal.

I_medium The CCBM loves that giant chair.

I_medium Danny Ainge said last week that Terry Rozier was the Celtics' best player during summer league play.

I_medium Jeff Greer profiles Anas Mahmoud.

I_medium Craig Yeast's son decommitting from Kentucky and winding up at Louisville would be glorious.

I_medium Your feel good story of the day is these four teens giving back to their community by mowing yards for free.

I_medium Louisville's '02 GMAC Bowl loss, in which news of John L. Smith's imminent departure leaked out at halftime, is the fifth-weirdest Marshall game of all-time according to the Charleston Gazette. Ah, summer.

I_medium Brendan. Devin. America.

I_medium Former U of L golfer Adam Rainaud has qualified for the Travelers Championship.

I_medium The Palm Beach Post predicts Louisville to finish third in the ACC's Atlantic Division, and has Devonte Fields and Keith Kelsey as first teal all-conference.

I_medium Saturday Blitz predicts a 9-3 football season from the Cards.

While the Cardinals may look better on both sides of the ball, they have a schedule which could derail any hopes they have of a championship this season.

The toughest games (outside of Florida State on Sept. 17 and Clemson on Oct. 1) will be at home against Duke on Oct. 14, on the road against Houston on Nov. 17, and the season ending grudge match with rival Kentucky on Nov. 26.

The Cardinals could very well pull off a 10-win regular season, possibly 11 wins if they upset either the Seminoles or the Tigers, but the other potential pitfalls can't be overlooked for a team who has a history of losing a game or two during the season they probably shouldn't.

Louisville may be a surprise team in the ACC, but they have some big hurdles to clear. It's doubtful they are quite ready to jump over Florida State and Clemson right now. Bad timing for a good team.

Predicted Record: 9-3 (6-2 ACC), 3rd in ACC Atlantic

Looks like another second tier bowl for the Cardinals, and yet another 10-win season without a lot of meaning behind it.

I_medium Four-star PG Darius Perry from the class of 2017 will be taking an official visit to U of L from Aug. 3-5.

I_medium The Louisville Cardinal breaks down the U of L offensive line.

I_medium And finally, a fan-friendly (and free) Cardinal Summer Festival will be held on the night of July 29 at the U of L Golf Club. More details can be found here.