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Trey Lewis will join the Cavaliers summer league team

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Lewis will have a chance to prove himself with the defending NBA champs.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Trey Lewis will head back to Cleveland to join the Cleveland Cavaliers summer league team in hopes of earning himself a spot on the team. It wasn't much of a surprise when Lewis didn't hear his named called on Thursday night's NBA draft, as most pegged him to earn his spot via the summer league. It looks like that will be the case as he tries to prove himself next month with the Cavs.

Lewis is the third Cardinal so far to head to the NBA's summer league, as earlier it came out that Russ Smith would head to Portland and Damion Lee would head down to Miami.

The Cavaliers are in the Las Vegas summer league, and their tip off date is set for July 8th.

As much as I want all three of these guys to make the roster for their respective team (they all deserve it), it'd be especially cool in Trey's case since he is returning home to Cleveland.

Again, best of luck to all of these guys.