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Teddy Bridgewater surprised a six year old fan after getting invited to his birthday party

Teddy is still the coolest

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Six year old Obadiah Gamble is a well noted Vikings and Teddy Bridgewater fan (his nickname is Skolbadiah). Like any six year old, he wanted his favorite player to come to his birthday party. Obadiah was so determined to make his wish come true, that he actually wrote a song and posted it on youtube in hopes to get the attention of the Vikings quarterback. The song, titled "Hey Teddy", is up to over 42,000 views.

Here it is:

Very good stuff, Skolbadiah.

Bridgewater, being the very cool person that he is, surprised Obadiah by showing up to his house with cake. Obadiah got to spend about an hour and a half with Teddy as they ate cake and threw the football around.

Obadiah's birthday is scheduled for Sunday. The Vikings are off for the weekend after finishing up their first set of OTA's, so we'll see if Bridgewater makes it to the party.

Every Louisville fan has their favorite U of L athletes. For me, Teddy is right up there at the top. Not so much for what he has done for the football team in his three years here (although his body of work in those three years alone puts him right up there), but just for who he is as a person.

The world needs more people like Teddy.