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2016 Louisville Football: Cardinals to participate in a satellite camp

Satellite camps are the new rage in college football, and it looks like the Cardinals are going to join in on that trend.

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Bobby Petrino has gone on record for saying that he isn't a big fan of the new satellite camps that are starting to trend around college football (maybe not "starting", but becoming more popular since Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh started poking at the SEC bear with them). However, it came out last week that the Cardinals coaching staff will participate in a satellite camp on June 7th at the University of West Georgia. They will be joined by 9 other FBS programs in Minnesota, Indiana, Duke, Memphis, Georgia, Western Kentucky, USC, Southern Mississippi, Louisiana Lafayette, and Georgia Southern.

Interesting that the coaching staff will partake in a satellite camp after Petrino coming out and saying he doesn't really like them, but the move makes sense. Whether you like them or not, it's just another thing that coaches will start doing just to keep up in recruiting, since recruiting is the lifeblood of any program. It also makes since to join in on this one since it is in Georgia, and the staff has been making it a primary effort to make in-roads with the large recruiting state.

Personally, I've never been a huge fan/proponent of satellite camps. I think it's far more important to get recruits on the campus to see the facilities/campus life. However, these camps are beneficial for recruits who aren't able to make it to the various camps, and don't have the resources to make it to campus for a school's own camp. It helps them get noticed by bigger college programs. This fits perfectly with "finding diamonds in the rough", which Petrino is known to do. It'll be interesting to see what recruits Louisville might get if they stick with participating in satellite camps.

Also, I find it absolutely hilarious how Harbaugh trolls the SEC schools with these camps.