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ESPN has Corey Ray as the No. 1 prospect in the 2016 MLB Draft

Could Louisville be on the verge of producing a No. 1 pick in baseball? According to ESPN's Keith Law, there is currently no better available player in the 2016 draft class than Corey Ray.

1. Corey Ray, Louisville

Right now, if I had the top pick, I think I'd go with Ray, the best all-around college position player who is at worst a solid everyday left fielder with the upside of a Ray Lankford (whose name I've heard from a couple of scouts over the past year as a comp for Ray). He can hit; he can run; he has some power. Although center field, where he plays part of the time for Louisville, is a pipe dream, he could develop into a capable left fielder. I think he goes among the top three picks.

The rest of the big board is an insider story, so there's no way to know if Zack Burdi or Kyle Funkhouser are getting any love, but regardless, Corey Ray at No. 1 is pretty cool.