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A current A-to-Z guide for Louisville basketball

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

A (Accomplice): Did or didn't Andre McGee act alone? The burning question remains, was there an accomplice or was McGee a rogue participant? Rumors abound, but until the truth comes to the forefront we are all left to speculate.

B (Ban): Now that the pain of the 2016 NCAA Tournament ban has passed, is the carnage really over? Will the NCAA look at UofL's self-imposed punishment(s) and decide to not lay its own hammer with another post season tourney ban? While I don't foresee this happening, I will remain cautiously optimistic.

C (Coach Mike): According to one Katina Powell, Andre McGee allegedly referred to a "Coach Mike" when discussing cash arrangements with Powell and her crew of entertainers during the 4 year string of private parties. Is this person real? And if so, what impact could this person potentially have in the investigational findings? One can speculate here, but nothing is proven until the facts come out.

D (Donovan Mitchell): Mitchell showed signs of utter brilliance and unparalleled athletic ability this past season. Next season could well be a break out year for him as he slowly becomes a mainstay on news outlet highlight reels. A player like Mitchell provides hope and a reason for Louisville fans to actually pay attention to pre-game layup lines.

E (ESPN) Thanks to this ever so popular sports media conglomerate, a podium for the show Outside the Lines was available which made Katina Powell a martyr and John Barr a household name with Louisville fans. Hopefully, the ESPN bottom screen sports ticker will have LESS to update folks on regarding UofL in the coming months.

F (Final Four) This is the ultimate destination for the 2016-17 men's team. The recent journey in getting back there since the 2013 title has been one to forget. From one missed free throw to not even being eligible, next season's squad has a great chance if the pieces come together.

G (Grotesque) For the past several years, the men's basketball shorts have been hard on the eyes. Here's to hoping that Adidas will take a long look at possibly revamping their uniform design for the Cards next season. I just can't take another year of rainbow stripes around the waist.

H (Home Court): Next season the Cards will play host  to a slew of good teams but most notably to the two teams that most experts are picking (albeit way too early)as the favorites to cut down the nets in April - Duke & Kentucky. A win over either or both would be monstrous in terms of boosting the Cards' chances of landing the lowest seed possible in the 2017 NCAA Tournament. Side note: beating UK, anywhere, is long overdue.

I (Immense): One thing that the men's team at UofL will feature next year, as they did this past year, will be extremely large size in the front court. But size in the form of height won't be the only thing. Added weight and improved skill sets will also make Onuaku, Mahmoud, Stockman & Mathiang more formidable competitors.

J (Jurich): In having arguably the best athletic director in all of college athletics, the men's basketball program at UofL is in the best hands possible. My motto: In Tom I Trust - and you should too. His track record speaks for itself.

K (Kenny Johnson): Some much need stability was brought to the UofL men's program a few weeks ago when Johnson was given a promotion by head coach Rick Pitino. Johnson, a proven recruiter, will be instrumental in helping the Cards land more top shelf talent in the coming years.

L (Loyalty): One thing that IS for certain, UofL basketball fans are the most loyal of any fan base in the country, college or professional. The Louisville First mantra was again put on full display this past season with the creation of the "I've Got Your Back" theme. Loyalty was also shown by the way the players, both the departed and those returning, showed the school by staying the course in the midst of chaos.

M (McGee): The centerpiece of the biggest scandal to ever be associated with UofL Athletics, McGee has sought out recluse as we now know as an uber driver in Kansas City. Every Louisville fan this side of the equator would love to hear his take on what happened and probably hopes that his work days consistently end with him blowing a head gasket.

N (NCAA): Now that UofL  presumably appears to be finished punishing itself, the last and most important remaining question that looms is how or if the NCAA will punish the program. The waiting game continues........

O (Onuaku):  No player may mean more to UofL's potential success next season than the anticipated return of would be junior Chinanu Onuaku. Simply put, Onuaku could be the difference as to whether the Cards are good next season, or great as many are predicting.

P (Pitino): As the head coach and "CEO" of the most profitable college basketball program in all of division one college athletics, he had to know about what was going on inside Minardi Hall didn't he? Or, did he? Most who have common sense can easily see how it's feasible that he couldn't have. But, will the NCAA care when the day of reckoning comes?

Q (Quentin Snider): With the departure of Trey Lewis and the fact that PENN graduate transfer Tony Hicks will be new to his surroundings, junior to be point guard Quentin Snider will be as relied upon as ever to showcase his leadership abilities, ball handling skills and improved defense. No team goes deep in March w/out good guard play.

R (Ramsey & Rutherford): Look, if you want the best radio coverage for all things related to UofL Men's Basketball and other Cardinal sports, do yourself a favor and keep your dial on 93.9 The Ville. Mike and John provide an entertaining and professional forum that all Louisville fans can be proud of. The occasional phone call from Uber Andre is not a bad reason to listen either.

S (Scholarships): Just recently UofL announced the reduction of one scholarship each for the 2016-17 & 2017-18 seasons. How much will this hurt the program long-term? Minimally, I suspect (and hope).

T (Tradition): The tradition that is Louisville Basketball is without question one of greatness. That tradition is the pillar for what will eventually propel the UofL fan base, alumni, the local community and the university itself to heal from its wounds and move forward in a positive manner.

U (University of Phoenix Stadium): This will be the site of the 2017 Men's Basketball Final Four, a location that the University of Louisville would very much like to be playing at next March. Enough said.

V (VJ King): King, a McDonald's All-American, is one of the most intriguing UofL basketball recruits in quite some time and not so much because of his undeniable talent but because of his loyalty in sticking to his commitment to play for a program with sanctions hanging over its head.

W (Winning): Winning cures nearly all evils in college basketball. With each win in the coming season(s), the current situation slowly drifts closer to an afterthought. This is not to be confused with Charlie Sheen's version of "winning".

X (Xenophobic): Card fans have suffered from heartache and anger since October of last year after the poop initially hit the fan and the name Katina Powell became all too well known with UofL fans. The fear of and hatred for the foreign (ya know, like post season bans and being humiliated daily by the national media) is something most hope to see dissipate in the coming months for Louisville fans.

Y (Youth): Despite the arrival of 5th year senior Tony Hicks and another potential graduate transfer (Canyon Berry anyone?), next season's roster will still be littered with youth.  Mangok Mathiang will be the only traditional senior on the roster come November.

Z (Zestful): If anything, the upcoming UofL men's basketball season should be a zestful one, allowing fans to finally get back to some spirited enjoyment while watching the Cards play with a purpose - getting its name called on Selection Sunday.