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USA Today says 2013 'One Shining Moment' is the best

Some Godsend over at USA Today has ranked every "One Shining Moment" video since CBS started doing the montage in 1987.

The best? 2013, of course, when Louisville cut down the nets.

This one's got it all: Luther, the perfect opening montage filled with audio/video from huddles and cinematic moments mixed with thrilling highlights. There's even Jim Larranaga's "Muhammad Ali!" locker room speech to Miami players. If you're putting a One Shining Moment into a time capsule, this is the one.

My second favorite of all-time, 1997 (DeJuan Wheat running down the court celebrating in slow motion was a moment I watched on my VHS copy of the '97 title game approximately 3,000 times), checks in at No. 24, which makes me upset. Still, I'm not going to complain about the list.

Here's the greatest One Shining Moment of all-time: