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Damion Lee refuses to stop dancing

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

For whatever glorious reason, the first big trend of the college basketball offseason is players from across the country doing a running man dance to "My Boo" by the Ghost Town DJs, a song that is now nearly two decades old.

It appears that the standard was set by Maryland players Jared Nickens, Jaylen Brantley and Damonte Dodd, and has now been mimicked by players from Virginia Tech, Villanova, Marquette and others.

Oh yeahh!!! wassup wit it ? @jaybriddle_1 add my snap: jnickkk

A video posted by Jared Nickens (@jnickens_) on

Also joining the fray has been Louisville's own Damion Lee, who is destroying the competition with a little help from Jay Henderson and (to a much lesser extent) Quentin Snider.

Damion also wants you to follow him on each and every one of his social media platforms.

Damion Lee for President. Of everything.