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Thursday afternoon Cardinal news and notes

Gorgui had his own section (or at least cluster) of fans when the Wolves stunned the Warriors at home last week.

I_medium The Louisville-Kentucky basketball game is going to be played before Christmas for the first time in 10 years, and other 2016-17 schedule notes from Jeff Greer.

Here's what we know about the Cards' upcoming slate:

Nov. 11 - Evansville

Nov. 23-25 - Battle 4 Atlantis (the Bahamas)

Dec. 3 - at Grand Canyon

Dec. 17 - Eastern Kentucky

Dec. 20 or 21 - Kentucky

Dec. 31 - Indiana (in Indianapolis)

I_medium De'Aaron Fox says that he would have gone to Louisville if he hadn't picked Kentucky.

If I hadn't picked my school I would've gone to: "Louisville. I love the way Coach Pitino plays his guards; I've always said that. That up-and-down style, pressing a lot; I really feel like I would've fit in well there."

I went with my choice because: "Coach Cal gets you ready for the NBA and that's the ultimate goal. That put him over everyone else. That's hard to compete with."

Markelle Fultz, who wound up at Washington, said the same thing.

If I hadn't picked my school I would've gone to: "Louisville. It was just their style of play and plus they had guys leaving at the point so my spot would've been wide open. Plus, it's the ACC and Coach Rick Pitino is a great coach."

I went with my choice because: "The coaching staff; they're like mentors to me and I went where I felt as comfortable as I could possibly be. They came to every game and they made it feel like home."


I_medium Ja'Quay Savage, who has drawn rave reviews throughout spring practice, is focused on having a bounce-back season after a disappointing 2015 campaign.

I_medium Tom Izzo says that college basketball is creating a system where kids don't learn to handle adversity.

I_medium Cards, Cats and Jayhawks unite under the one real truth: people unexpectedly sitting on shit is hilarious.

By the way, Gorgui started and scored 20 points last night for the Wolves.

I_medium Following last night's road win over Kentucky, Louisville moved up to No. 4 in the college baseball RPI.

I_mediumranked all 67 games of the NCAA Tournament because I'm insane.

I_medium I enjoy seeing this from a pair of top-rated 2017 prospects:

I_mediumdraft prospect Q&A with Corey Ray, who is looking more and more like a top 10 pick in the upcoming MLB Draft.

I_medium The most generous tipper in America is a Cards fan, because of course he is.

I_medium The U of L volleyball team will have three players be part of the  the 36 players who will train and compete as part of the U.S. Collegiate National Team-Indianapolis program as announced by USA Volleyball. Janelle Jenkins, Tess Clark and Molly Sauer were selected to represent the Cardinals.

I_medium Per Jody Demling, Texas A&M tight end transfer Jordan Davis will visit Louisville this weekend.

I_medium The U of L football recruiting graphics department (or person who does graphics for U of L football recruiting) is really stepping it up.

I_medium UK and a company that makes moonshine are in a ridiculous legal battle over the rights to the word "Kentucky."

I_medium The two ACC basketball hires of this offseason -- Josh Pastner at Georgia Tech and Kevin Stallings at Pitt -- don't seem to make a whole hell of a lot of sense.

I_medium This is Kentucky.

I_medium Tyler Sharpe talks about the wild last couple of months that have ended up with him playing for his "dream school" of Louisville.

I_medium So Tubby Smith is officially the new head basketball coach at Memphis State, which is both a smart move for each party (I think) and super, super weird.

It's like everything the guy does is done with the intention of confusing me about whether or not to hate him.


And of course this happens right before we're supposed to start playing these guys again in 2017-18. At least we get to take on Pastner at least once a year now.

I_medium Louisville checks in at No. 12 in ESPN's first Football Power Index for 2016.

I_medium Disney World Rick Pitino is a top five Rick Pitino.

I_medium TigerNet previews this weekend's baseball series between No. 18 Clemson and No. 6 Louisville.

I_medium Is Louisville on the verge of snagging a 2017 quarterback?

I_medium Eastern Kentucky has officially announced the addition of Dillon Avare.

I_medium And finally, John and I will be out at Body Shapes Medical in Middletown from 3-6 for today's show. Tom Jurich will join us at 3:30 to talk stadium expansion and today's announcement of Bobby Petrino's contract extension. Also, I'll try to say at least one nice thing about Kobe.