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Rick Pitino says NCAA investigation into Louisville basketball is "pretty much over"

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Though he couldn't comment on whether or not he's been interviewed by the NCAA yet, Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino told ESPN 680's Bob Valvano Tuesday afternoon that the NCAA's investigation into his program is "pretty much over."

Pitino went on to say "I think it's behind us," about the investigation, and also that he expects to field a top five team in 2016-17. The Louisville coach has spent the past few weeks in Florida with family, and said Tuesday that he's planning on being visited by a number of coaching friends, including Cincinnati's Mick Cronin.

When the topic of March Madness came up, Pitino said that he had answered questions about whether or not his team could have won a national title with "sure they could have, but they also could have been Michigan State and gone out in the first round."

Here's the full podcast of Pitino's interview on "The V Show":