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Chinanu Onuaku will test NBA Draft waters

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

This isn't exactly news, but Chinanu Onuaku is officially going to spend the first part of his offseason testing the sometimes warm, sometimes cold waters of the NBA Draft.

From CBS' Sam Vecenie:

The spokesman told CBS Sports that Onuaku's current plan is not to sign with an agent in order to maintain his collegiate eligibility, with a decision coming after going through the draft process and before the official early entry pull-out date that is currently slated for May 25.

The 6-foot-10 center is the kind of player who will benefit a lot from the new NCAA rule that will allow players to declare for the draft, test their stock, then return to college if they don't like what they find out. Onuaku is currently the No. 59 overall prospect on CBS Sports NBA Draft Big Board. However, there are quite a few NBA scouts and executives out there who like him a bit more than that and consider him a borderline first-round talent.

Onuaku is a reallty interesting prospect in a lot of respects, beyond even the idea of having an under-handed free throw shooter in the NBA. There is a lot to like, and he also has quite a few holes in his game that could cause him issues in translating to the next level.

So either Chinanu acquits himself well enough to be a solid first round pick, or he learns a valuable lesson that makes him a better player for Louisville in 2016-17. I'm good with it.