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The second annual Card Chronicle ACC Tournament Challenge

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

In the spirit of Quinn1979, we will once again be hosting a conference tournament contest, with or without the mighty Cardinals of Louisville taking part. It's tradition, dammit, and families uphold traditions.

We're going to keep it simple because I'm not as good at Excel as Quinn. Participants will get one point for each correct first round pick, two points for correct second round picks, and so on until the 5-point championship game.

As a reminder, here's the bracket we're working with:

Please make your selections in the comments section by picking games in chronological order. Also, please select a tiebreaker at the end, which will be the total number of points in the championship game.

For instance, if you were picking the better seed to win every game, your submission would look like this:

1. NC State
2. Florida State
3. Pitt 
4. Duke
5. Clemson
6. Virginia Tech
7. North Carolina 
8. Notre Dame
9. Virginia
10. Miami 
11. North Carolina
12. Virginia
13. North Carolina
Tiebreaker: 17,000

The winner will receive a prize to be named later. I'm not saying it's going to be an autographed picture of John Ramsey, but it might be .... it's an autographed picture of John Ramsey.

Not one person out of more than 100 correctly picked the tournament champion last year, so let's try and do better as a community.

I know this is late notice, but the first game is Tuesday at noon, so that will serve as the entry deadline.