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2016 ACC Basketball Tournament Bracket

This may hurt to look at, but here's the official bracket for the 2016 ACC Basketball Tournament:

If you're trying to slot where Louisville would have been, the Cardinals would have been the No. 4 seed and had the double bye in the spot where Notre Dame is. In the quarterfinals, U of L would have faced either the fifth-seeded Fighting Irish, or No. 12 seed Florida State/No. 13 seed NC State.

For what it's worth, here are the final conference standings:

North Carolina 14-4 25-6
Miami 13-5 24-6
Virginia 13-5 24-6
Louisville 12-6 23-8
Duke 11-7 22-9
Notre Dame 11-7 20-10
Virginia Tech 10-8 18-13
Clemson 10-8 17-13
Pittsburgh 9-9 20-10
Syracuse 9-9 19-12
Florida State 8-10 18-12
Georgia Tech 8-10 18-13
NC State 5-13 15-16
Wake Forest 2-16 11-19
Boston College 0-18 7-24

We will still be holding some sort of ACC Tournament contest this year, and will release the details for said contest tomorrow.

This is not going to be fun, but we're going to get through it together.