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Bullitt East's Tyler Sharpe will join Louisville basketball as preferred walk-on

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Bullitt East standout Tyler Sharpe will join the Louisville basketball team as a preferred walk-on for the 2016-17 season, a spokesperson for U of L confirmed to Card Chronicle.

Sharpe, who is left-handed, is best-known for his long distance shooting ability. The lifelong Louisville fan averaged 19.5 points and 4.3 rebounds per game for Bullitt East this season, and was the 2015 6th Region Player of the Year and a 2016 finalist for Kentucky's Mr. Basketball.

Here's a bit more on Sharpe from Pure Prospects Ky:


1. Shooting: Tyler is a long distance sniper. He can stroke it either while moving or set. His shooting stretches the opposing defense and if given daylight he will drain it. He has an excellent step back jumper and shoots the ball with confidence and effectiveness. High FG and 3 PT percentage as a JR. Great fundamental shot that's square, balanced, and has a quick release. 

2. Great overall scorer. Tyler is an exceptional shooting guard that can light it up from behind the arc or use jab steps, ball fakes, or screens to put it on the floor and get to the rim. His great shooting allows his shot fakes to be effective and by his defender. He plays in a tough region (6th) in Kentucky, that competitive night in and night out. Sharpe plays extremely well for his AAU team and always gets the opposing defenses best perimeter defender. He continues to light up the scoreboard and help lead his team deep into AAU Bracket play. 

3.Good ball handler: Tyler has good ball skills at the shooting guard position. His hand eye coordination is great allowing him to have good vision of the court. He knows when to push and looks up the floor and has the zip to get the pass ahead. He is great going to his left but can go to his right. Very good facilitating SG that can be a PG at the next level.

4. High Basketball IQ: Tyler is great reading ball screen defenders. He has a knack for Reading the dense and getting to his spot. He knows where to be on the floor at all times whether on offense or on defense. Led his team in scoring, assists, and steals as a junior. He is a coachable player that is one of the best at his position in the state. Knows how to get his shot whether using ball and head fakes or jab steps. 

5. Competitive: Sharpe plays 100% at all times and wants to win no matter the competitive or talent level. He's got a great motor and plays bigger than his 6 foot frame. He defends to his capability and makes the play that helps his team win. Knows the fundamentals and is willing to develop or strengthen any part of his game with hard work.

If you're more into visuals, here's Sharpe's 2015-16 highlight video:

Welcome to the fam, Tyler.