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There will be a goat race in Louisville to predict the winner of Kansas-Villanova

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

I get a lot of interesting press releases during this time of the year, but this one about a goat race bing held at Garage Bar tomorrow afternoon to predict the winner of Saturday's regional final between Villanova and Kansas .... it's up there.

Here's the info:

WHAT: Television camera crews and print still photographers are invited to shoot a special goat race to predict the winner of the Elite 8 NCAA basketball tournament game between Villanova and Kansas that will occur at the KFC Yum! Center on Saturday, March 26 at 8:49pm. Two adult goats will represent each team and race down Clay Street between Billy Goat Strut and Nanny Goat Strut with handlers during the NULU Bock Fest. All media welcome.

WHEN: SATURDAY - March 26 2:30PM Eastern Time

WHERE: Meet at Garage Bar - 700 East Market Street, Louisville, KY 40202

The Nulu Neighborhood Association will celebrate Bock Day on Saturday, March 26 from Noon until 8pm in the 600 and 700 blocks of East Market Street (One mile away from KFC Yum! Center). The event will include safe and fun "goat races" where goats are walked by owners and handlers on leashes down a sectioned off area of Clay Street. These races are sponsored by area businesses. The festival will also include music from the Billy Goat Strut Revue, as well as original bock beers from area breweries available only at the Nulu Bock Fest.

The goats participating in Bock Fest are happy to be there and will be supervised by owners from Sunnyacres Farm and the Louisville Aggies, a local 4H Group, so that everyone has the best experience at this inaugural event.

The Nulu Bock Fest event revives an annual Spring ritual tracing back to the mid­19th Century to mark the changing of the season when the dark German lager, known as bock, was released across the city after a winter of aging. The holiday, which usually coincides with Lent, was hugely popular in Louisville during its first brewing boom, but fell out of favor during Prohibition.

Sponsors include Garage Bar, JEB Advertising, MagBooth, and Sonablast Records, Worthington Law Firm, Harbor House of Louisville, Think Tank Louisville, Via Studios, and Carman. Food will be provided by local vendors and area restaurants.

Goat races are traditionally associated with Bock Day, as "bock" means "goat" in German. The event will kick off with the ceremonial blessing of the goats at Noon, and the day will include seven races with separate divisions for kids (baby goats) and adults. The goats will race from Nanny Goat Strut Alley to Billy Goat Strut Alley on Clay Street. Area businesses are encouraged to sponsor goats, and all goat welfare and race ethics are being overseen by the local chapter of the 4H, the Louisville Aggies.

Bock beer is a rich, complex, malty, low­hop style of lager. There are many varieties of bock that can all be different­ Maibock, Doppleback, and Eisbock. Although it is now almost always a lager, bock was originally an ale that was brewed by German monks in the Fourteenth Century. The monks would often drink the rich beer during their times of fasting. Bock Fest will welcome Against the Grain, Akasha Brewing Company, Blue Stallion Brewing, Country Boy, Ethereal Brewing Company, Falls City Beer, Goodwood, Gordon Biersch, Third Turn Brewing, and West Sixth Brewing Company.

The Bock Fest Schedule:

Noon -- Blessing of the goats and beer
1 p.m. --€” Kentucky Guild of Brewers Goat Race (each goat will represent a KGB brewery)
2 p.m. --€” Kid (aka baby goat) race, winner advances
3 p.m. -- Adult goat race, winner advances
4 p.m. -- Kid goat race No. 2, winner advances 5 p.m. — Adult race No. 2, winner advances
6 p.m. -- €” Kid race final, winner crowned
7 p.m. --€” Adult race final, winner crowned