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Russ Smith scores NBDL record 65 points (with highlights)

Nick Laham/Getty Images

Certified bucket getter and noted fantastic human being Russ Smith set a new NBDL record Wednesday night by scoring 65 points for the Delaware 87ers.

The best part about Smith's performance was that it was nationally televised by ESPNU on a night with no competing NCAA Tournament games, so it got its proper recognition.

Here are the highlights of Russdiculous going full Russidculous.

Earlier this season, Smith set a single-game D-League record for assists, and earlier this month he recorded his first triple double.

I'm not sure what else the man has to do in order to get another shot on an NBA roster. Score 100? Levitate? Change his name to Ben Simmons? Russ deserves to be in the big leagues, and I'm confident that he'll be back there soon enough.