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Wednesday evening Cardinal news and notes

If you need it, the CCBM will be hanging out in 12th century castles for the next month. That starts Sunday.

I_medium A very happy 79th birthday to Denny Crum, the man who gave me my first celebrity autograph and who taught me how to dress. You're the best.

I_medium Pat Forde sat down with Rick Pitino Tuesday afternoon before Pitino's team faced Georgia Tech on Senior Night, and as you might expect, some more interesting things were said.

"The probability of me coming back is very high," he said in his office at the Yum Center on Tuesday night. "Right now I'm fatigued mentally and emotionally. ... It's a matter of, is the University of Louisville better off without me? If I come to the conclusion in June or July that the school is better without me - I left the cupboard full at Kentucky, and the program didn't miss a beat.

"Now the cupboard is full here. This is a great job. They can get a person to make people forget Rick Pitino in a day. But I have to decide, are you willing to fight and stay on? I'm willing to fight. I love teaching, love coaching, love this team. I've just got to get over the sadness of all this.

"I'm really saddened that a player of mine that I trusted and gave a break to would be involved in this. I'm saddened by it. I don't understand any of it.

"I want to come back for these players. I want to come back for (star signee) V.J. King, who I told I would be there. I just have to get past the sadness."

I think the biggest revelation in the last couple of weeks is just how much of a mental toll this whole thing has taken on Pitino. It's clear that he loves Louisville and wants to be here, but he also wants to shake the malaise and sadness that this whole ordeal has brought upon him.

I_medium If you missed Pitino's surprise interview on R&R yesterday before the game, you can listen to it here.

I_medium Don't jump. We're going to get through this together.

I_medium The Louisville baseball team's postponed game from yesterday took place this afternoon at Jim Patterson Stadium, and the Cards rolled to a 9-5 win over Morehead State.

I_medium He only made two appearances, but that was all it took for Brendan McKay to be named the NCBWA National Pitcher of the Month for February.

I_medium Your current ACC standings heading into tonight's games:

North Carolina 13-4 24-6
Miami (FL) 12-4 23-5
Virginia 12-5 23-6
Louisville 12-5 23-7
Duke 11-6 22-8
Notre Dame 10-6 19-9
Pittsburgh 9-7 20-8
Syracuse 9-8 19-11
Clemson 9-8 16-13
Virginia Tech 8-8 16-13
Florida State 7-10 17-12
Georgia Tech 7-10 17-13
NC State 4-12 14-15
Wake Forest 2-16 11-19
Boston College 0-16 7-22

I_medium Todd McShay now has Sheldon Rankins at No. 19 overall on his latest big board.

I_medium Billy Reed writes that Bellarmine President Jay McGowan left the university a much better place than he found it.

I_medium Nyah Green, the No. 1 player in the class of 2019, has committed to play her college basketball for Jeff Walz at Louisville.

I_medium Congrats to Damion. You are the coolest.

I_medium Mark Bradley of the Atlanta Journal Constitution says his biggest takeaway from Tuesday night's game is that the end is nigh for Rick Pitino at Louisville.

I_medium The AJC also reviews Tech's loss at the Yum Center, which might be the death blow to the Jackets' NCAA Tournament hopes.

I_medium 2015 Card Chronicle Person of the Year Kelsi Worrell talks about balancing her commitment to the University of Louisville and pursuing her Olympic goals.

I_medium The women are off to D.C. for the ACC Tournament.

I_medium The Louisville men's tennis team will take on nationally ranked Notre Dame on Thursday.

I_medium A taste of the pregame last night:

I_medium From the Rumble Seat recaps last night's Cardinal win.

I_medium And finally, this Championship Week primer took more time (and tears) than you could imagine, so you don't have to read it, but a click would be appreciated.