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Louisville Scores Sweet Win over the Sugar Bears

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Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

OK Central Arkansas, the Sugar Bear is kind of adorable. Even Sean Moth seemed to take a certain relish in saying "Sugar Bear basketball."  All of this may have distracted Louisville because they let UCA shoot lights out in the first quarter which ended with the Cards down 22-25.  Then the team in red seemed to realize that they had the ACC Player of the Year and the other team didn't.  Myisha Hines-Allen calmly took over the game by scoring 19 of her 25 points in the first half which helped Louisville take a 51-34 lead into halftime.  The final score was 87-60.

In the post-game presser when asked what the turning point in the game was Myisha started to give a stock answer about getting points in transition when she was bluntly interrupted by Coach Walz who said, "Dakota."  In his opinion it was the scrappy play of redshirt Junior Dakota Weatherford that made the difference.  "Dakota is the only player I've got right now that will dive on the floor for loose balls.  She was on the floor, she got deflections...she came up with 3 steals."

Coach Walz was not impressed with the first quarter effort.  "You can't start a game like that; it's inexcusable."  As for the upcoming game against DePaul he said that the Cards need to figure out if they're going to play harder.  "If not then we'll probably have one more game in us on Sunday and then we'll pack things up and start doing individual workouts on Tuesday" adding that DePaul "could score 120" if Louisville defends the way it did in the beginning of the game.

I'm not sure if the ladies understand they're carrying the additional karmic weight of a decade's worth of DePaul Day snark into this matchup, but they're going to have to dig in and focus to keep this from being the saltiest end ever to this Month of Salt.  The game with the Blue Demons this Sunday is at 2:30 and will be on ESPN2.