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Rick Pitino writes about 'March Sadness'

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

I think Bloggin' Rick sensed that we all needed some new material today. He delivered.

Our team did their part to keep the dream alive. We usually get together on Selection Sunday with the team, friends of the Ville and administrators. It's an exciting and tense hour, or as I heard, two hours this year to see where you're going and who you're playing.

As I sit here on a runway heading to my close friend's dad's wake, I'm wondering where we would have been seeded. Your mind wanders so much as a melancholy feeling is part of your thought process. Now, what to do — watch and root for Mick at Cincinnati, Kevin at Seton Hall, Keatts at Wilmington? Definitely!!

I truly believe that idleness, especially during these times, is the devil's workshop. These times call for preparation, organization and getting better, not bitter. It's a difficult way to look at things when you love March Madness as much as me, but it's the only way out.

I never concerned myself with people who thought I could or should know anything about these ugly allegations. Every one of my players from BU, Providence, UK and Louisville knew better. They have been taught discipline, a strong work ethic and most of all, a loyalty to our team . Yes, that oath has been broken and although this has hurt so many people, we must forgive.

Monday starts Individual instruction. Let's get better and plan to do exciting things next March.

Go Cards!
Coach P

Some hope for the future, some reasons to watch, and a little jab at the CBS Seleciton Show. Much-needed.

You can find the full post here.