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Louisville Officially Names Lonnie Galloway Co-Offensive Coordinator

Louisville announced Lonnie Galloway will serve as co-offensive coordinator alongside Chris Klenakis. He will also coach the receivers, moving Nick Petrino to coaching quarterbacks.

Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

Louisville officially announced the hiring of West Virginia assistant Lonnie Galloway as co-offensive coordinator and recievers coach today. Galloway had previously served as associate head coach and wide receivers coach under Dana Holgorsen. Louisville released this statement from Bobby Petrino today announcing the hire:

"I am pleased to announce the hiring of Lonnie Galloway to our staff, and a well-deserved promotion for Coach Klenakis," Petrino said. "Coach Galloway has been a part of programs with explosive, record-setting offenses and he has impressed me with his passion for the players he has coached. He’s a proven recruiter who has established relationships in key areas that will be an advantage for our program. Coach Klenakis has consistently brought a great energy to our program. He has been extremely dedicated and he did a tremendous job with our young offensive line last season. The perspective of both coaches blend well and we will continue our philosophy of being aggressive and attacking defenses in a number of ways."

In addition to the hiring of Galloway to be co-offensive coordinator, Louisville announced that offensive line coach Chris Klenakis will serve as co-offensive coordinator alongside Galloway. This makes some sense as there's no two positions that need to be more in alignment than coordinator and offensive line coach (and besides, we all know Petrino is the offensive coordinator anyway).

The addition of Galloway will cause some staff juggling. Galloway will coach the team's wide receivers (he had great success with Kevin White, Tavon Austin, and others at West Virginia). Nick Petrino, who had been pegged as receivers coach, will move to coaching the quarterbacks with Bobby Petrino.

Louisville's staff is now complete as the team closes in on a week from beginning spring practice. With the entire offense coming back virtually intact, it will be very interesting to see how Galloway helps add any air raid elements he picked up under Holgorsen and of course, his impact on the recruiting trail should be big.