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The 2016 Card Chronicle Bracket Challenge

The CC Bracket Challenge is back for another year in what should be the most wide-open competition we've ever had, since 65% of the participants won't be picking Louisville to win it all. Should be fun. Or whatever.

Also, I realize we haven't announced a winner for the ACC bracket challenge yet. I'm sorry, it's been a wild week, I'm going to get to that this evening.

Anyway, we are back in business with Yahoo this year after a one-year hiatus.

Here are your steps if you're wanting to participate:

  1. Read the official challenge rules.

  2. Sign up for a free Yahoo! account if you don't already have one.

  3. Go here and click "Find a Pool," then "Join a Private Pool."

  4. Type in the league ID (121057) and league password ("salt") to get into the group.

  5. Fill out your bracket

We've got a pretty sweet prize package for the grand prize winner that includes gift cards and U of L swag. Also, you get to make fun of everyone else on Card Chronicle for the rest of the year, which is the real prize.