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Louisville basketball scandal: Three former recruits told NCAA about stripper parties

Robin Marchant/Getty Images

As expected, Sunday's new "Outside the Lines" report on the Louisville basketball scandal yielded little new information, and the information which was fresh wouldn't seem to alter U of L's current situation in any drastic manner.

Here's the lead of the online story:

At least three former University of Louisville men's basketball recruits have confirmed to NCAA investigators that they attended parties inside an on-campus dorm where strippers danced for them and prostitutes were paid to have sex with them, a source close to the NCAA investigation told Outside the Lines.

The source said the three former Louisville recruits met with NCAA investigators in October and November. Chuck Smrt, the person hired by the University of Louisville to monitor the progress of the NCAA's investigation, also attended those meetings.

This source goes on to say that "people at the University of Louisville know this happened" and then says that Pitino not knowing is "much worse" than turning his head to an academic fraud case ... which is a position that not even the most fervent of Kentucky supporters has been willing to take during this whole thing.

The only other notable items from the on-air report were Powell stating that Mangok Mathiang stopped by one of the parties, but didn't participate (his picture is in the book, so this isn't a startling revelation), and Powell saying she got the strong sense that the NCAA knows who "coach Mike" is. Her attorney, Larry Wilder, apparently added that he did not have the same sense.

You can read the online story from ESPN here.