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Rick Pitino says there will be a Senior Night surprise for Damion Lee and Trey Lewis

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

In his latest website post, Rick Pitino talks about the loss to Miami on Saturday and how injuries will make this week's games against Georgia Tech and Virginia even more difficult than they would be otherwise. He also thanks everyone associated with the program for their support during this difficult season.

We left Miami disappointed, but I still feel honored to have coached this team. I consider it a true privilege to teach each and every day. Thanks young men for fighting through adversity and carrying yourself with dignity and grace. Thank you for not letting injuries become a crutch or excuse. Thank you for lifting the spirits of a town decimated by "acts of betrayal." Thank you seniors — you have restored my faith in a generation tied up with "me first." My only regret is I could not coach you for more than one year. Finally, thank you fans for all the love you have given this team. It was a much needed emotion.

But perhaps the biggest Bloggin' Rick revelation in the post comes when the topic of Tuesday's Senior Night festivities arises.

Senior night is always very special. We will have a surprise for the guys after the game.

Our last two games will be very difficult as we are banged up and short handed. Anas was a major factor vs. Georgia Tech last time in Atlanta. But as we watched with the ending of the first half at Pitt, these guys will not make excuses, but will step up and give extraordinary effort.

If the surprise is the lifting of the postseason ban, I'm going to be pretty pumped.