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10th-ranked Louisville women destroy No. 17 Miami, 79-51

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Louisville went into Miami and since it was Senior Night they kindly let them hang around one quarter.  At the beginning of the 2nd quarter the score was 18-13, but by the end Louisville had gone on a 20-2 run and took a 40-21 lead into halftime.  If Miami thought they stood a chance of coming back they were sorely mistaken because in the second half the Cards took their soul.  They took Miami's soul, put in a box, and tied it up with a pretty ribbon to bring back to Louisville.

The final score was 79-51 and really it wasn't even that close.  Perhaps they were extra motivated after bumping into Fat Joe at dinner the night before?

After the last game Coach Walz criticized Briahanna Jackson for not being efficient enough.  Tonight she shot a respectable 50% on 6-12 shooting.  She made good decisions and took fewer challenged shots.  After the game Coach Walz said that she didn't force anything but that her 0 for 2 from the free throw line was "unacceptable."  He also said that she and Mariya need to keep from getting silly fouls in the first half going into the post-season.

Coach Walz also said the keys to the win were "passing the basketball and scoring in transition."  He was pleased with how well the girl's are reading the scouting report and knowing who the drivers and shooters are and defending accordingly.  He also said that keeping Miami from rebounding at their offensive end was a big part of their defensive strategy and that they were "outstanding" in their execution.

Finally, he also thanked the staff for the men's basketball team for allowing them to come and said that there is an "all for one" attitude in the athletic department.  "When we're home and have the opportunity we go to soccer, softball....we want each other to win and they [the guys] did a great job cheering."

The Cards' final home game is this Sunday against Pitt at 12:30.  Since the team has no seniors (!!) they've decided to make it a Star Wars Day.  Coach Walz stressed again how much he'd like to see the lower bowl full so bring all your favorite ewoks and Stormtroopers out to the Yum!