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Rick Pitino writes about Louisville's win over North Carolina

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Bloggin' Rick appreciates your effort in Monday night's "classic" win over North Carolina.

Wow. What a classic! Our focus was laser sharp with one day prep. Sure, our guys were disappointed in their play vs. Virginia, but they did not hang their heads. They got knocked down but got up with great spirit. Many get knocked down; you judge character by how they get up. And they got up in a big way.

Here is the MVP chart:


Now for the Good:

* Defense - Spectacular! Half-court was stifling - 34.5%fg defense!! Transition defense was also awesome.

* Second half offensive execution - 53.1% fg. High percentage shots with solid work inside to out.

* Rebounding - 41-39 edge over a great rebounding team.

* 60 paint touches - A record for us.

* Onions - Damion was spectacular!

* Improvement of Anas

* Q - point guard leadership, 7 assists to 1 turnover.

* Backcourt rebounding - Donovan, Q, and Trey chipped in for 13 rebounds

* Fans - Although many of you panic after a loss, you are the best in college basketball. Thank you!

The Bad

* Ray's Magic Johnson moment after a steal. Save it for Magic, Ray or leave it for Anas!!

* Trey - just needs to dribble less, pass more, and relax. Great competitor and great passion, needs to let the game come to him. He will get it.

* Anas - Free throws. Granny style is right around the corner.

It was one heck of a night. Please do not take Boston College lightly. They are well-coached and hard working. Bring that coaches attitude as a fan. Come early, be prepared and take no one lightly. Thanks for helping us play that defense against North Carolina.

Go Cards!

Coach P

Could have gone for at least one LOL, but I'm in no place to complain right now.