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U of L President James Ramsey says he plans to stay until 2020

Despite reports from earlier this week that he had engaged in preliminary discussions about potentially ending his tenure at Louisville, university President James Ramsey said Thursday that he plans on staying at his current position until his contract runs out in 2020.

University of Louisville President James Ramsey said Thursday that while he has thought about retiring, his plan is to remain at his post until his contract expires in 2020.

In an occasionally fiery session with reporters, he disputed reports by WHAS-TV and Kentucky Sports Radio's Matt Jones that he met privately last weekend with some university trustees at his home.

"I don't know where you got that story -- it's a blatant lie," Ramsey said. "That's the kind of problem that you all as an industry have right now - a lack of integrity."

The Courier-Journal was unable to find any trustees who knew about or attended the alleged meeting.


Near the end of the impromptu news conference, Ramsey said he was in no rush to make the decision.

"I've got a contract until 2020. And right now, while I've been thinking about retirement, I'm 67, I'm planning on staying at this time to finish my contract," he said.

Asked about the NCAA's investigation of allegations that dancers and prostitutes were supplied to basketball players and recruits, Ramsey said there was no chance he would rescind his decision to ban the team from postseason play.

You can read Ramsey's comments in their entirety right here.