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Tuesday afternoon Cardinal news and notes

Davis Mudd speaks for all of us.

I_medium The Tampa Tribune recaps Louisville's triumph over South Florida last night.

I_medium Louisville is still 50/1 to win the 2016 title after national signing day, but several other teams saw their odds move after their classes became official.

Team                   1/13/16            Current Odds (2/15/16)

Ohio State                   12/1                 6/1

Alabama                      7/1                   7/1

Clemson                      15/2                 15/2

Michigan                     12/1                 15/2

LSU                             14/1                 14/1

Oklahoma                   14/1                 14/1

Tennessee                  22/1                 14/1

Baylor                          12/1                 16/1

Notre Dame                14/1                 16/1

Stanford                      14/1                 16/1

Florida State                16/1                 20/1

Mississippi                   22/1                 20/1

Michigan State            33/1                 25/1

Auburn                        50/1                 33/1

Georgia                       33/1                 33/1

Oregon                        22/1                 33/1

TCU                            33/1                 33/1

UCLA                          40/1                 33/1

USC                            33/1                 33/1

Florida                         33/1                 40/1

Houston                       33/1                 50/1

Louisville                     50/1                 50/1

Oklahoma State          50/1                 50/1

Washington                 66/1                 50/1

Iowa                            33/1                 66/1

North Carolina             50/1                 66/1

Texas A&M                 50/1                 66/1

Utah                            66/1                 66/1

Wisconsin                    50/1                 66/1

Arizona State              100/1               75/1

Arkansas                     50/1                 75/1

Miami Florida              66/1                 75/1

Nebraska                    50/1                 75/1

Boise State                  100/1               100/1

Missouri                       100/1               100/1

South Carolina            66/1                 100/1

Texas                          75/1                 100/1

Washington State        66/1                 100/1

Arizona                        100/1               200/1

BYU                            100/1               200/1

California                     100/1               200/1

Georgia Tech              100/1               200/1

Maryland                     100/1               200/1

Mississippi State         100/1               200/1

NC State                     100/1               200/1

Northwestern              100/1               200/1

Penn State                  100/1               200/1

Virginia Tech               75/1                 200/1

West Virginia               75/1                 200/1

I_medium I know we'd all like to just forget that this game ever happened, but I love what Notre Dame basketball's social media team does ... and I enjoy Mike Brey.

I_medium Former Louisville backup cornerback Duke Culver is now at UAB.

I_medium The latest SI mock draft has Sheldon Rankins going to the Kansas City Chiefs with pick No. 28.

I_medium I'll say this for Josh Pastner: he's going down swinging.

I_medium Drake ruins everything.

I_medium Jennifer Lawrence has donated $2 million to Kosair because she's awesome.

I_medium Campus Insiders looks at the financial impact of internal investigations. Spoiler: it's large.

I_medium One time I watched this special on the 10 most expensive pieces of art in the world. Now I know the whole thing was bogus because this masterpiece wasn't included.

I_medium Class of 2017 point guard Paul Scruggs has received a scholarship offer from Louisville.

I_medium WAVE-3 breaks down U of L baseball's media day.

I_medium Young Jason Schwartzman has jokes.

I_medium Class of 2016 forward Micah Thomas will reportedly decide between Louisville and Maryland in April. You can check out his mixtape from last summer right here.

I_medium Tom Jurich expects the fundraising for the expanded PJCS to move at a rapid pace.

I_medium Terrifying.

I_medium The latest SB Nation bracket projection is out ... if you're into that sort of thing. I used to be but I'm not anymore. Just like Weeds. It's whatever.

I_medium College hoops on TV tonight:

South Carolina at Missouri, 7 p.m., SEC Network

No. 10 West Virginia at No. 24 Texas, 7 p.m., ESPN2

South Florida at East Carolina, 7 p.m., ESPN3

Wake Forest at Pittsburgh, 7 p.m., ESPNU

Michigan at Ohio State, 7 p.m., ESPN

Northwestern at No. 17 Purdue, 7 p.m., BTN

Creighton at Butler, 7 p.m., FS1

Ball State at Miami (OH), 7 p.m., ESPN3

Toledo at Central Michigan, 7 p.m., ESPN3

UIC at Youngstown State, 7 p.m., ESPN3

Detroit at Northern Kentucky, 7 p.m., ESPN3

Valparaiso at Cleveland State, 7 p.m., ESPN3

Rhode Island at VCU, 7:30 p.m., CBS Sports

Bowling Green at Northern Illinois, 8 p.m., ESPN3

Kansas State at TCU, 8 p.m., ESPN News

Florida at Georgia, 9 p.m., ESPN

Ole Miss at Texas A&M, 9 p.m., ESPNU

No. 13 Iowa State at No. 25 Baylor, 9 p.m., ESPN2

Vanderbilt at Mississippi State, 9 p.m., SEC Network

Rutgers at Illinois, 9 p.m., BTN

UNLV at Air Force, 9:30 p.m., CBS Sports

I_medium And finally, today on Ramsey & Rutherford from 3-6 we will talk about the latest madness with the U of L basketball program, talk to Louisville baseball Dan McDonnell about better things at 5:15, and answer your Twitter Tuesday questions throughout the show. You can listen live online here, or on your phone (without using any data) by calling 605-477-9680 and selecting option two.