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Trey Lewis supports Louisville fans making petitions against postseason ban

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Trey Lewis is still fired up over the fact that his college career is going to come to an end without having ever experienced what it's like to play in the NCAA Tournament, and he doesn't care who knows it. Lewis is also aware of the fan petitions that have been circulating and which have garnered more than 10,000 signatures from people hoping Louisville's self-imposed postseason ban will be overturned.

He addressed both of those issues earlier this week.

"What happened here is an injustice," Lewis said after Monday's loss at Duke. "What happened to us, we don't deserve it. People are doing their parts. They're going out there and stepping up and speaking out. They're making petitions. It's a good thing to stand up for what they believe.

"What happened to us was wrong. I'm staying positive about it. I'm staying as positive as I can. I'm still trying to lead, still trying to enjoy my experience here, but at the end of the day, what happened here is wrong. I encourage people to continue doing what they're doing."

Damion Lee also says he's seen the petitions, but that he hasn't been able to focus on them or what they say too much because he's busy trying to lead his team for its final seven games of the season, because that's all they have left.

"Just go out and fight, knowing that we have seven games left," Lee said. "In a sense, it seems like we're playing for nothing, since we can't go to the tournament, but for us, it's playing for pride."

The sucktitutde rolls on.