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We Are Now Accepting Nominations For The 2016 Card Chronicle Person of The Year

Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

We are now officially taking your nominations for the 2016 version of the highest honor there is in the city of Louisville: the Card Chronicle Person of the Year.

Please remember that the person of the year does not have to be an actual person ("No Pants" was once a finalist). This isn't Sports Illustrated, it's much, much more serious.

This year's winner will join that elitest of elite Derby City fraternities, which includes:

2007 - Tom Jurich
2008 - David Padgett
2009 - Vacant (we forgot to do it) 
2010 - Charlie Strong
2011 - Charlie Strong and Preston Knowles (tie)
2012 - Tom Jurich
2013 - Teddy Bridgewater
2014 - Russ Smith
2015 - Kelsi Worrell

The nomination process will end today and we'll begin the two-day voting on the 3-5 finalists tomorrow. After a record number of votes (and a controversial finish) a year ago, I'm very interested to see how this year's competition plays out.

Let your nominations fly in the comments.