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Friday evening Cardinal news and notes

Isak Kurbasic sensed that I needed a little pick-me-up this week and so he sent me a picture of his mom with Lamar Jackson. It does the trick every time.

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I_medium Spread check (basketball): Louisville by 23.5.

I_medium Spread check (football): LSU by 3.5.

I_medium Bowl season is now less than 24 hours away.

I_medium SB Nation's Richard Johnson has a fantastic look at how college football programs photoshop old pictures when they hire a new head coach. Purdue even tried to give Jeff Brohm a half-smile.

I_medium People actually involved in college football continue to wonder why WakeyLeaks is a big deal.

"I have been on staffs before where you go in to practice in the stadium on a Friday and you search through the garbage cans to see if you can find practice plans," said Chow, who was an assistant at, among other places, Brigham Young and Southern California. "I've seen it all."

Steve Logan, formerly East Carolina's coach and now a sports-radio host based in Raleigh, N.C., concurred.

"In my generation of coaches, if somebody had handed that information to someone else, by a large majority the coaches would have used that information and that would have just been your good luck," he said. "It wasn't morality; it was just part of the game."

And while DiNardo insisted that "this is not how most people do business," Southall noted that few coaches had weighed in against Louisville.

"That tells me there is an internal code of conduct, that is within the system, under which it could be justified," Southall said.

Clawson, who has coached Wake Forest to its best record in five years, said Elrod had "negatively impacted our entire program," but he did not imply that the leak had cost the Demon Deacons a victory.

"I think the whole thing is vastly overrated," Chow said, adding, "I'm not sure what kind of information Bobby Petrino got that was going to help him win that game, since he'd already studied tape for 24 hours a day."

If there is likely to be a lasting effect of Wakeyleaks, Logan said, it is coaches clamping down on access — by the news media, by fans and certainly by radio announcers — even further.

"You know how media people get upset with coaches when they say, ‘Coaches are paranoid; they won't even let us come to practice?'" Logan said. "Now do you see why?"

I_medium Cindy Stowell, a cancer-stricken woman whose dying wish was to be on Jeopardy but who passed away before her episodes aired, has won the last three days.

I_medium Pro Football Focus says Lamar Jackson's performance in week 1 agaisnt Charlotte was the best of any player this season.

GRADE: 78.5
Jackson set the tone for a Heisman-caliber season by laying eight first-half touchdowns on an entirely overmatched Charlotte defense in Week 1. The Cardinals' tempo terrified the 49ers, who were unable to live with Jackson's arm and athleticism. He shredded them through the air, completing 17 of 24 attempts for 286 yards and six touchdowns, ending the game with a QB rating of 150.7. In total, Jackson misfired on only three occasions, throwing a couple passes away and seeing another dropped. Louisville was good enough to rip off large chunks through the air, but Jackson also got his fill on the ground. Carrying 11 times, he collected 120 yards, two touchdowns, and four broken tackles. Squeezed into just 30 minutes, Jackson had the luxury of taking in his own highlights at halftime.

Jaire Alexander's performance agaisnt Clemson checks in at No. 5.

I_medium Jeff Greer's latest U of L basketball trend report focuses on Tony Hicks.

I_medium Cole Bentley is officially a Cardinal.

I_medium I know I mentioned it yesterday, but the Waterfront Park people making it even a possibility that a Louisville bridge located within walking distance of the KFC Yum Center could be lit blue the night of the Louisville-Kentucky basketball game is one of the most absolutely idiotic ideas anyone in this city has ever come up with.

I_medium The one-and-done rule isn't going anywhere any time soon.

I_medium Yet another 2016 bummer.

I_medium Louisville soccer's Tim Kubel has been named a first team Scholar All-American.

I_medium David Hale's ACC mailbag for ESPN is always worth a read.

I_medium I actually find this tweet to be quite scandalous.

I_medium Chris Hummer says that the hammering of Louisville in the WakeyLeaks SCANDAL is disingenuous.

I_medium Card Chronicle users can still get 25% off any Beaux Tied swag through the end of the week by using the promo code "CCBM" at checkout. It is legit stuff.

I_medium The basketball version of ESPN's "College GameDay" is finally coming to the Yum Center. Sort of.

The Louisville-Kentucky rivalry game is set for 7 p.m. Wednesday, and ESPN says it has several plans to build up the game before the network's broadcast of it.

ESPN's lead college basketball analyst, Jay Bilas, will make several appearances on network shows on Wednesday, starting with "Mike & Mike" in the morning. Bilas will also appear on "PTI" and "SportsCenter."


"College GameDay" with Rece Davis, Seth Greenberg and Jay Williams starts at 6:30 p.m., a half-hour before the tip-off.

I_medium I'm not sure I've ever done a bigger 180 on a person than Bob Huggins. Gary Parrish feels the same.

I_medium LSU is now back practicing and getting ready for the Citrus Bowl.

LSU is scheduled to practice through Dec. 22 before taking three days off for Christmas. LSU will practice on Dec. 26 and 27th in Baton Rouge before traveling to Orlando on the afternoon of the 27th.

"It was a great start to practice today," LSU coach Ed Orgeron said. "You could feel the energy. The players were excited to see each other and come back and get to work against a tough Louisville football team.

"Today was a regular practice. We got them loosened up, did some individual drills and then made some corrections from our last game. We also did a little introduction on Louisville. Tomorrow will be a hard-nosed day like a ‘Competition Tuesday,' but the focus will be on fundamentals, getting better, practicing fast, and getting used to contact again. Saturday, we will practice again, and it will be much like a Wednesday. "

I_medium If nothing else good happened this week, at least this did:

I_medium Click.

I_medium ESPN's Andrea Adelson and David Ching make bold predictions about the Citrus Bowl.

Adelson's bold prediction: LSU has given up only seven rushing touchdowns all season long, but the Cards will have multiple scores on the ground behind Jackson, eager for another big bowl performance to match the one he had a year against Texas A&M.

Ching's bold prediction: It would not be a huge shock if this game turns into a shootout much like LSU-A&M. Louisville's offense is one of the nation's best, and it won't be a disgrace if LSU's defense gives up more points than Tigers fans are accustomed to seeing against Aranda's bunch. That said, the Cardinals have also surrendered 25 points or more in three of the past five games. LSU's also gonna put a bunch of points on the board, which should make this one of the more entertaining matchups of bowl season.

I_medium Lamar Jackson update: Still awesome.

I_medium Nobody in Louisville is better at predicting what rappers are going to do in the future than I am. Put it on a shirt.

I_medium People forget this.

I_medium previews the Billy Minardi Classic.

I_medium It's ugly sweater night this evening at the Yum Center, and the staff is ready.

I_medium Blogger So Dear releases the first part of its 30 for 30 on Tommy Elrod.

I_medium Happy Rogue One day.

I_medium Some bowl prop bets:

Bowl Statistical Props

2016-2017 Bowl Season - Highest Total Passing Touchdowns in a Bowl Game

Over     6.5        +110     (11/10)

Under   6.5        -150     (2/3)

2016-2017 Bowl Season - Highest Total Passing Yards in a Bowl Game

Over/Under                   532.5

2016-2017 Bowl Season - Highest Total Receiving Yards in a Bowl Game

Over/Under                   219.5

2016-2017 Bowl Season - Highest Total Rushing Yards in a Bowl Game

Over/Under                   254.5

Conference Bowl Props

2016-2017 Bowl Season - Total Bowl Wins ACC

Over     5.5        +105     (21/20)

Under   5.5        -145     (20/29)

**CFP Championship game does not count towards number.

2016-2017 Bowl Season - Total Bowl Wins Big 12

Over     2.5        -145     (20/29)

Under   2.5        +105     (21/20)

2016-2017 Bowl Season - Total Bowl Wins Big Ten

Over     4.5        -140      (5/7)

Under   4.5        EVEN   (1/1)

**CFP Championship game does not count towards number.

2016-2017 Bowl Season - Total Bowl Wins Pac-12

Over     3.5        -140      (5/7)

Under   3.5        EVEN   (1/1)

**CFP Championship game does not count towards number.

2016-2017 Bowl Season - Total Bowl Wins SEC

Over     6.5        +110     (11/10)

Under   6.5        -150     (2/3)

**CFP Championship game does not count towards number.

Bowl Game Props

2016-2017 Bowl Season - Most Points Scored by 1 Team in a Bowl Game

Over/Under                   63.5

2016-2017 Bowl Season - Largest Margin Of Victory in a Bowl Game

Over     40.5 Points       -180     (5/9)

Under   40.5 Points       +140     (7/5)

2016-2017 Bowl Season - Will there be Double Overtime in a Bowl Game?

Yes      EVEN   (1/1)

No        -140      (5/7)

2016-2017 Bowl Season - Will there be Triple Overtime in a Bowl Game?

Yes      +300     (3/1)

No        -500     (1/5)

2016-2017 Bowl Season - Will there be a Shutout in a Bowl Game?

Yes      +200     (2/1)

No        -300     (1/3)

I_medium And finally, beat EKU.