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The Fan Fatigue is Real

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

On a personal level, being a University of Louisville Sports fan has always been something that I have revered, in part because of its innate ability to provide me with an escape from the stress of everyday life. In addition, my UofL fandom has, with very few exceptions, given me something that I have had complete ownership over and could be proud of.  But when the one thing you cling to because of those very reasons starts to become a stress inducer and not a reliever, it's time to be honest with oneself. And in the spirit of being as such, I'm ready to admit that as a longtime, die hard and loyal UofL fan I'm getting pretty sick and tired of being......well, sick and tired.

Following the head scratching announcement yesterday given by AD Tom Jurich confirming that proprietary information had been provided from within the Wake Forest Football program directly to co-offensive coordinator Lonnie Galloway during game week, I started to think back to the numerous conversations I once shared with my best friend from high school that revolved around Louisville Athletics. As a fellow die hard UofL fan, my buddy Tim and I used to always joke that UofL (primarily men's basketball at that time) was like an award winning soap opera. There were never any dull moments and you'd better celebrate the high, feel good times because some low unpleasant ones were sure to be close behind (insert Sebastian Telfair).

Well, some things never change.

UofL sports, predominantly men's basketball but also to now include football, is still the Taj Mahal of roller coaster collegiate athletic programs. And now we as fans, alumni and supporters of UofL Sports once again have to reluctantly sit through another go-around of hearing the local and national media bash the program we all love like a cheap piñata. The unwanted attention gets deflating, frustrating and old.

Check that, the unwanted negative attention GOT OLD a long time ago.


OK, so apparently Galloway received a phone call from a former colleague (Tommy Elrod) who had some inside information on a couple of special plays that the Wake Forest Football team was preparing to run against the Cards. From there, we now know that the shared intel was actually disseminated to the Cards' defensive coaching staff and then put to use. In other words, this is no longer a situation where documents, in this case play cards, were found lying around and then just discarded without any questions being asked. No, instead we now have ANOTHER controversy to dissect, discuss and deflect.

Do I care that a UofL assistant took a phone call and used information that would clearly be deemed advantageous? Call me the devil, but I really don't. Maybe it's because I've been around sports long enough to know that these things happen quite often in some form or another. Or maybe it's because in the big scheme of things I realize that we're talking about an opponent that Louisville didn't need inside information to defeat. Damn, I'm so frustrated just thinking about it all.


Was Galloway supposed to ignore the phone call from Elrod? More so, was he supposed to just sit on the information or laugh it off as a joke? Could this whole debacle been avoided by something as simple as good janitorial skills? Are other schools going to "sack up" (credit to Dan Dakich) and admit that they too are a part of ElrodGate to alleviate the negative press and share in our short-term misery?

But the most pertinent question that I selfishly want an answer to is the following: Did Coach Bobby Petrino know about this situation?

We may or may not ever know that answer. But if he did have knowledge of the circumstances, allow me to play the devil's advocate in saying that I can't help but ponder the reason as to why he said in a press conference that he didn't.

In the grand scheme of things, I predict this situation is not going to destroy the UofL Football program. It isn't going to halt the amazing recruiting momentum that the coaching staff has worked diligently to create, although I feel certain opposing staffs will use it to recruit against the Cards. It can't change the fact that the program now has a Heisman Trophy winner and it won't stop me from being a fan and a season ticket holder. But what selfishly matters most to me is that this is yet another setback from an athletic department that gets harder and harder to defend. Blocking out the naysayers, the haters and those with an agenda is doable yet taxing at times. But feeling the fallout from within your own fan base is disheartening and troubling.


I've listened to the local and national call in radio shows. I've read other blogs. I have unfortunately seen the tweets and retweets of both UofL fans and those of our rivals. And while I by no means pretend to have the absolute pulse of what Card Nation is feeling, I do feel assured in saying that I'm not the only Louisville fan disgruntled at how the past 12+ months have played out for our fan base. And I acknowledge there are two camps in this situation.........

Camp A: This is BS, this is a scandal, Bobby should be fired

Camp B: What's the big deal, confess and move on, everybody does it

Regardless of what camp you're in, my point is that I'm sick and tired of being.......sick and tired

The Andre McGee situation was a monumental kick to the groin. The school's issues regarding the Foundation have been a slap to the face. A self-imposed ban from the men's NCAA Basketball Tourney was a knee to the ribs. Negative, yet unjust, press concerning the Yum Center has been a forearm to the throat. And now this most recent setback is a punch to the face and thus a black eye for a fan base that demands and deserves better.

My loyalty to the University of Louisville is unwavering but not past reproach. Obviously 2016 hasn't been a year to emulate. But, despite all the tough times we've managed to see so much good in the resiliency of kids like Damion Lee & Trey Lewis, the continued growth of other programs such as Baseball, Men's Soccer, & Women's Basketball and of course the greatness that is Lamar Jackson. In looking forward, I'm hoping for a positive result in The Citrus Bowl, a resolution sooner than later for the men's basketball program and perhaps more than anything, a year without seeing my alma mater trip over its own two feet. Do better UofL, just do what's right.

GO CARDS, always