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Thursday evening Cardinal news and notes

Cliff Elliott and the CCBM are throwing Ls for Lamar Jackson while visiting Schloss Neuschwanstein.

I_medium Spread check (Citrus Bowl): LSU by 3.

I_medium Virginia Tech is the latest to be implicated in the WakeyLeaks scandal. Here's the statement from their AD:

I_medium Louisville is a No. 3 seed in Joe Lunardi's latest bracket for ESPN.

I_medium The ACC Digital Network says (video) that Lamar Jackson started a hurdle craze in the conference this year.

I_medium Pat Forde is taking LSU in the Citrus Bowl.

Citrus Bowl (32): Louisville vs. LSU

When: Dec. 31, 11 a.m.

Where: Orlando.

Watchability: You've got the Heisman Trophy winner, who is one of the most electrifying college players in years. You've got Leonard Fournette, a first-round pick and owner of the most savage stiff-arm in college football. You've got Coach O and Coach Oh No We Did Not Cheat Against Wake Forest. That'll do.

Line: LSU by 3½.

If the Citrus Bowl were a person: It would be the underappreciated standup comedian you can't quite convince your friends to go see.

The pick: LSU 35, Louisville 34. The Cardinals' sloppy skid to end the season -€” seven turnovers in upset losses to Houston and Kentucky -€” can be corrected with several weeks of sharp bowl prep. But Lamar Jackson won't get a new offensive line to play behind or better receivers to throw to in that time. And if Fournette is healthy after missing his fourth game of the year in the regular-season finale, he and Derrius Guice will be a massive challenge for the Louisville defense.

I_medium It would have been really cool if P.J. Dozier had chosen to play his college basketball at Louisville, because he's really good.

I_medium I said this yesterday, but if anybody should be pissed about WakeyLeaks it's Demon Deacon QB John Wolford, who has had his ass consistently kicked for the last three years.

I_medium Charlie Strong isn't hesitating to bath in the warm waters of that non-Longhorn Network life.

I_medium Lamar Jackson not wearing Yeezy cleats because his teammates couldn't is a story that people enjoy.

I_medium If you haven't been paying attention, UCLA freshman Lonzo Ball is pretty awesome.

I_medium Ball's dad, who earlier this season guaranteed a Bruin national championship, is also continuing to be the best quote in college hoops.

I_medium Arizona got a tough test at home from Grand Canyon last night before ultimately making the plays down the stretch necessary to win by 10. Shameless ploy to do this ...

Of course.

I_medium The AAC is exploring the possibility of adding Wichita State to the conference as a basketball-only member.

I_medium Was extremely said to hear about the passing of jockey Garrett Gomez, who was one of the best in the sport when he wasn't battling addiction problems. If you or a loved one is dealing with a similar issue and don't know where to turn, you can always call the SAMHSA National Helpline 1-800-662-HELP.

I_medium The C-J looks at what trended in Louisville this year. Atrodienst? Probably a sex thing.

I_medium Love this.

I_medium Sean Woods has now officially resigned as the head coach of Morehead State.

I_medium Bob Huggins' press at West Virginia is more intimidating this season than it's ever been before.

I_medium Or because they're wide-eyed and they've been away.

I_medium Oregon's Chris Boucher has an incredible game and an equally incredible backstory.

I_medium North Carolina's Joel Berry would like you to know about the benefits of meditation.

I_medium If you have access to Twitter dot com, retweet the hell out of this.

A victory wouldn't just be a cool thing for Eric, it would do a lot for his foundation, which is the real reason he's campaigning for himself.

I_medium The Sporting News has a fresh big board for the 2017 NBA Draft class. It does not include any Louisville players.

I_medium Lamar Jackson headlines yet another All-American team. This time it's the one from Campus Insiders.

I_medium I've always said that Tire Discounters is my favorite tire discounter.

I_medium Louisville has the highest-paid basketball staff in the ACC.

I_medium currently has Brendan McKay as the No. 2 college prospect and the No. 7 overall prospect in the MLB draft class of 2017.

I_medium One of the strangest things about the overwhelmingly strange WakeyLeaks ordeal has been the response from former Wake Forest (and interim Baylor) head coach Jim Grobe.

Elrod then took on duties with the radio broadcast team and had open access to the Wake Forest program. Wake Forest cited emails, text messages and phone records in concluding that Elrod had tried to give out the confidential information. He has since been fired from the IMG Radio Network and banned from Wake Forest athletics and its facilities.

Grobe said Wednesday that for 13 years, his practices were open and held in the middle of campus for anyone to see. Clawson continued that policy as well, allowing Elrod complete access to the program not only as the radio broadcaster but as a football alum.

"For 13 years we had no indoor facility, no privacy," Grobe said. "Anybody could come and watch us just practice. So we had no secrets for 13 years and now all of a sudden that's a big deal. We never had the ability to keep people out of our practices, so anybody who wanted to come and watch and share what we did at practice could do that and we had no ability to stop it for 13 years. Now all of a sudden it's a big issue. I don't get it."

Well okay then.

I_medium Louisville is still a top four team in college football when it comes to the betting market.

I_medium Business Insider tackles WakeyLeaks.

I_medium After losing at home last night to UIC when UIC's best player got injured, the DePaul student body appears to finally be getting on board with the idea of Coach Chronicle.

I would not lose to UIC. Bet that.

I_medium A quick perusal of the EKU game notes for Saturday.

I_medium This is dumb.

I_medium WAVE-3 wants you to vote for the top local story of 2016.

I_medium I'm gonna need some video here.

I_medium Here's the outside take on Louisville's 53-point drubbing of South Dakota State last night.

I_medium And finally, beat EKU ... and WakeyLeaks.