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WakeyLeaks Conclusion: Wake Forest analyst was feeding information to opponents since 2014

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

So remember the whole WakeyLeaks thing from last month where Wake Forest's AD and head coach came out and seemed to accuse Louisville of somehow stealing information that gave the Cardinals a better chance to beat the Demon Deacons?

If you don't, here's a quick refresher:

Wake Forest is investigating how documents pertaining to its game plan might have ended up in Louisville's hands before last Saturday's game at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium.

"We are concerned that there was some type of security breach,'' coach Dave Clawson said Tuesday. "I have shared it with Ron Wellman, and we're doing everything we can to make sure all of our information and data is more secure moving forward.''

Wellman, Wake Forest's director of athletics, said Clawson told him of the possible breach on Friday, the day before the Deacons' lost to the fifth-ranked Cardinals 44-12. Wellman said a member of Wake Forest's traveling party found the documents at the stadium.

Wellman, on Wednesday, declined to elaborate on the nature of the documents.

"Since that time we have been looking at various possibilities and haven't come up with anything for certain at this point,'' Wellman said Tuesday night. "But we will continue to review everything that we do and investigate how this might have happened and make sure it doesn't happen in the future.''

At the time, none of this made any damn sense. After all, if Louisville had Wake's game plan and was still trailing in the 4th quarter, how in the hell did this team manage to beat eight other teams?

Well, Tuesday we got our resolution .... and it was appropriately insane.

Following the Louisville football game on November 12, Wake Forest conducted a thorough investigation to determine if confidential and proprietary game preparation information had been compromised. The investigation was not limited to the situation with Louisville and was comprehensive in nature. The investigation determined the following:

  • Based on emails, text messages and phone records, Tommy Elrod, a radio announcer for Wake Forest football games, provided or attempted to provide confidential and proprietary game preparations on multiple occasions, starting in 2014.
  • No members of the Wake Forest athletic department, football staff or players were involved in any way in these actions.

Tommy Elrod is an alumnus of Wake Forest and was a member of the football team from 1993-1997. He later was hired as a graduate assistant under Jim Grobe and held multiple positions for 11 seasons. He was not retained by Dave Clawson and joined the Wake Forest IMG Radio Network in 2014 as a football analyst covering Wake Forest football. Elrod has been terminated immediately from his position at IMG and will no longer broadcast Wake Forest football games.  He has been banned from Wake Forest athletics and its facilities.

So Tommy Elrod, a  Wake Forest lifer who was pissed that he wasn't retained on staff when Dave Clawson took over in 2014, has spent the last three years feeding the Demon Deacons' opponents information ... all while continuing to cash a check from the university. That is a savage play.

Also, we had this guy on our show back during the Wake game week. I am very excited to go back and listen to that interview.

WakeyLeaks forever.