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Full Heisman Trophy voting results: Lamar Jackson finishes with sixth-highest percentage ever

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The final Heisman Trophy voting tallies are in, and Lamar Jackson finished with 2,144 total points, 620 more than runner-up Deshaun Watson from Clemson. The pair of ACC quarterbacks finished first and second in all six voting regions.

Jackson finished the with the sixth highest-percent of possible points ever. Only Troy Smith, Marcus Mariota, Ricky Williams, Charlie Ward and Cam Newton came closer to finishing with 100 percent of their highest possible point total.

Here are the complete final voting results

Name			1st	2nd	3rd	Total
1. Lamar Jackson 	526	251	64	2144
2. Deshaun Watson	269	302	113	1524
3. Baker Mayfield	26	72	139	361
4. Dede Westbrook	7	49	90	209
5. Jabrill Peppers	11	45	85	208	

And here's the final voting map:

Interesting to see that Alabama defensive end Jonathan Allen got 17 first-place votes, more than Michigan's Jabril Peppers, who was in New York for the ceremony.

In the end, though, it was Lamar Jackson and everybody else.