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Saturday morning Cardinal news and notes

When you wake up early on Heisman morning.

Happy Heisman day.

I_medium Spread check (basketball): No line.

I_medium Spread check (football): LSU by 3.

I_medium Probably my favorite one yet.

I_medium Pretty big fan of the Kenny McCormick look that Lamar was sporting all day yesterday.

Huge fan of the guy sitting to his right in the last picture. No idea that the best college football player in the country is next to him. Just focused on his crossword.

I_medium Waggener High School's Larry Harper has received a preferred walk-on offer from Louisville.

I_medium Colin Holba is headed to the Senior Bowl.

I_medium Aaron Torres of Fox Sports lists all the reasons why the thought of anyone other than Lamar Jackson winning the Heisman Trophy on Saturday is preposterous.

He's the most "valuable" player in the sport, too

Yes, I know that the terminology that the Heisman committee uses is "Most Outstanding Player" in college football, but I like to think of it this way: If you removed fill-in-the-blank player from his team, who would be impacted the most? Looking back on previous Heisman winners like Johnny Manziel, Marcus Mariota and Robert Griffin III, the answer is obvious. Heck, it even was obvious last year with Derrick Henry, who quite literally put Alabama's offense on his back.

So I ask: How much would Clemson really have been impacted if it lost Watson? Yes, he's an incredibly gifted player. But the Tigers have had 1,000-yard receivers and explosive offenses before Watson arrived and will after he leaves. Mayfield and Dede Westbrook needed each other much more than they had singular impact. Jabrill Peppers was fun, but how much impact did he really make?

But Jackson? He was the difference-maker in college football this year. Even a quarterback of average athleticism would have been killed behind Louisville's offensive line, and the defense did him no favors, either.

At the end of the day, Jackson was the best and most valuable player in college football. And the only person deserving of winning this year's Heisman Trophy.

I_medium The ACC gives its ultimate Lamar Jackson Heisman highlight reel.

I_medium U of L previews Saturday's basketball game against Texas Southern.

I_medium The rivalry continues.

I_medium The fine folks over at Strait Pinkie are selling leap shirts for just 16 bucks today and tomorrow in honor of Heisman weekend.

I_medium Louisville is up to No. 9 in Gary Parrish's daily rankings for CBS.

I_medium Brian is kindly covering for me. I drew this.

I_medium Jeff Greer notes that despite all the preseason chatter, defense is still king for Louisville basketball.

I_medium Pitt's Brian O'Neill is the winner of the 2016 Piesman Trophy.

I_medium Cool picture.

I_mediumwrote about Syracuse's slow start and how we all screwed up by looking at them in the preseason as a "Final four team" instead of a "team that probably shouldn't have made the NCAA Tournament." It happens often in college basketball.

I_medium Mike Brey out here firing bullets at Duke and Washington.

I_medium Louisville alumni in New York are sharing in Lamar's Heisman celebration.

I_medium We found the one person in Louisville who is not on board with L1C4Lit.

I_medium Louisville's Emmonnie Henderson set a new school record to win the women's shot put at the Hoosier Open on Friday evening

I_medium LSU has started preparing for the Louisville offense.

I_medium Kelsi Worrell picked up her fifth medal in four days at the FINA Short Course World Championships.

I_medium I gotta have more Baby Lamar.

I_medium Charlie Strong is in preliminary talks to take the South Florida job, which I think is a great fit.

I_medium Lamar Jackson and Teddy Bridgewater share "a special bond."

I_medium Spurrier is the best.

I_medium Kansas big man Carlton Bragg is facing some pretty serious charges.

I_medium Lamar has a message for Cardinal fans:

I_medium Our friends over at Beaux Tied are having a 25% off Christmas sale on Sunday. Even if you miss the deal tomorrow, Card Chronicle users can get 25% off all next simply by using the promo code "CCBM."

I_medium And finally, go Lamar, win the Heisman.