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Wake Forest says Louisville may have stolen its game plan

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

In perhaps the most bizarre story of a Louisville sports year loaded with them, Wake Forest appears to be accusing the Cardinals of espionage last weekend.

Wake Forest is investigating how documents pertaining to its game plan might have ended up in Louisville's hands before last Saturday's game at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium.

"We are concerned that there was some type of security breach,'' coach Dave Clawson said Tuesday. "I have shared it with Ron Wellman, and we're doing everything we can to make sure all of our information and data is more secure moving forward.''

Wellman, Wake Forest's director of athletics, said Clawson told him of the possible breach on Friday, the day before the Deacons' lost to the fifth-ranked Cardinals 44-12. Wellman said a member of Wake Forest's traveling party found the documents at the stadium.

Wellman, on Wednesday, declined to elaborate on the nature of the documents.

"Since that time we have been looking at various possibilities and haven't come up with anything for certain at this point,'' Wellman said Tuesday night. "But we will continue to review everything that we do and investigate how this might have happened and make sure it doesn't happen in the future.''

I have ... just so many questions here.

1) If Louisville had Wake's game plan and was still trailing in the 4th quarter, how in the hell has this team been able to win nine of its first 10 games?

2) Could the whole Matt Colburn/greyshirt saga have been elaborate rouse to get him deep undercover and ensure a victory two years later in a game the Cards were favored to win by 35? I wouldn't rule it out, folks.

3) Wake has the most boring offense known to man and entered last Saturday's game ranked 116th in the FBS in total offense. How insightful could these documents have possibly been?

On a more serious note, Bobby Petrino was made aware of the allegations and offered up the following statement:

If there's another takeaway from all this, it's that you can basically accuse Bobby Petrino or Louisville of anything at this point, and a large segment of the national media/public is going to roll with it. There are no specifics in any of these reports about what exactly this breach was, how U of L was able to achieve it, or how, if at all, the Cardinals benefitted from it on Saturday. All we have is a very vague allegation from Wake Forest's AD and head coach who had better have something concrete to back up their words.

And yet here we are talking about this.

The other bizarre thing here is that we really need Wake Forest to beat Clemson this weekend. If that happens, I think we can put all this behind us. I'll still be mad about the 1996 Sweet though.

Keep it locked to Card Chronicle for more breaking developments on the WakeyLeaks front.