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Reminder: Lamar Jackson's favorite Halloween costume is Lamar Jackson

Via, @TheRed_Rage
Via, @TheRed_Rage

My guess is that a large chunk of kids across the city of Louisville will be going door-to-door tonight, asking for candy while wearing a red No. 8 Cardinal football jersey. Not many people could have predicted just how popular a Halloween costume Lamar Jackson would be this year, but Jackson himself is one of the few who were ahead of the curve.

Back in July at the ACC Kickoff (media day), Jackson sat down for an interview with Drew Deener and the conversation somehow drifted into the quarterback's favorite Halloween costume. His response?

"Lamar Jackson."

No power rangers? No Ninja Turtles? No creative inside joke costume?

"No, just Lamar Jackson."

While imitations of the Heisman Trophy front-runner are certain to be a consistent sight this evening, Jackson's not the only Louisville player who'll be getting some love from the kids.

We're planning on dressing Penny the dog up as a little Blanton Creque. Gonna be adorable.