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Monday afternoon Cardinal news and notes

Alyssa Miracle is still trying to adjust to life after her first Cardinal loss.

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I_medium Bye week spread check: Frustration and sadness by 6.

I_medium Fox Sports says that even though his team lost, Lamar Jackson proved that he's the best player in college football on Saturday.

I_medium If you haven't seen it yet, Rodger Sherman has the best and most complete breakdown of the James Quick/first down marker guy/on-field indicator controversy.

So did Louisville get to see the markers they were supposed to?

I've never worked on a chain gang, but it seems like something was slightly off in the way Clemson's auxiliary crew marked the final play.

As the camera zooms out on the 4th-and-12 play, we see the mat that's supposed to indicate the first down.

The marker is supposed to be "approximately" six feet from the sideline, per NCAA rules, which is why the field is surrounded by six feet of painted turf.

I went around and watched a few games to see where the sideline marker is typically situated.

Some crews place the ends of their mats at the six-foot line; others place the start of their mats at the six-foot line. But pretty much everybody agrees the orange line goes at the edge of the painted strip.

And then there's the Clemson 4th-and-12, where the end of the mat is almost a yard from the edge of the painted area.

Quick should have been more cognizant of the situation. He has to know where the line-to-gain is. But it seems possible that he looked towards the sideline and didn't pick up the visual cue he needed, perhaps because the marker itself was misplaced.

I_medium The new SB Nation bowl projections have ESPN and college football coming to an agreement that would allow Louisville and Miami to play in the Orange Bowl. Sure, why not?

I_medium The game's not even 48 hours old yet, and already people are breaking down what needs to happen for a potential Louisville-Clemson rematch on a neutral field.

For this to even be a consideration, Louisville needs a lot of help.

The Big Ten and SEC look like they'll each have a team represented, and we probably shouldn't rule those conferences out of the two-team discussion, either.

The Pac-12 appears to be in decent shape and would almost certainly make it in with a one-loss champion.

The Big 12 has only two undefeated teams, Baylor and West Virginia, and its lack of a conference championship (a "13th game," in the committee's words) hurt it in 2014. A one-loss Big 12 champ has a chance, but if it's Baylor, the Bears' weak out-of-conference schedule will come back to haunt them yet again.

Houston remains a threat, but any mid-major would likely be knocked out of the Playoff with one loss, and that'd give Louisville a head-to-head advantage anyway.

There's a lot of football left to be played, and if there are a few undefeated teams remaining by the end, the odds stack heavily against Louisville. But the Cardinals aren't fully out of the Playoff race just yet.

(And besides, Clemson could still lose a game.)

I_medium Lamar Jackson's hurdle against Syracuse was the ACC's top play (video) for the month of September.

I_medium Louisville is down to No. 7 in USA Today's updated ranking of all 128 FBS teams. Kentucky is 78th, one spot behind U of L's next opponent, Duke.

I_medium Three-star class of 2018 point guard Ronaldo Segu took an unofficial visit to Louisville today.

I_medium Pat Forde's postgame piece says Lamar Jackson walked out of Death Valley with the same Heisman front-runner title he carried in.

Louisville came into this game second in the nation in plays from scrimmage 40 yards or longer with 11. It didn't have a single play that long Saturday. The Tigers bent and bent and bent, but in the end refused to break.

"We made them earn it, so to speak," Venables said, shaking his head. "I hated every minute of it, to be honest. It was agonizing."

Jackson supplied the agony. The Heisman front-runner coming in is still the Heisman front-runner coming out, after hitting Clemson with 457 yards total offense -€” 295 passing and 162 rushing -€” and three total touchdowns.

After taking a beating and being frustrated in the first half, Jackson was almost unstoppable in the second. He had 319 yards after halftime, leading drive after drive, showcasing his jaw-dropping athleticism and electric arm.

"He's tough," Clemson coach Dabo Swinney said. "We hit him. We hit him a bunch."

"Lamar Jackson's a damn good player," Boulware said. "He's the best player I've ever played against. His arm, his legs, his knowledge of the game -€” he's a freak."

I_medium The ninth-ranked U of L men's soccer team kicks off a three-match homestand against Belmont Tuesday night at 7. The Cards drew Boston College over the weekend.

I_medium The seventh-ranked Cardinal field hockey team kept rolling this weekend with a 2-0 shutout of No. 18 Iowa.

I_medium Louisville-Clemson was the highest-rated Saturday night college football game since 2014.

As you might expect, the game also did ridiculous numbers locally.

I_medium Jeff Greer updates his U of L basketball recruiting big board.

I_medium This is cool, but it would be a lot cooler if that total was 3,299.

I_medium Clemson is now in complete control of the ACC, while Louisville has an off week to sit and think about what almost was.

I_medium This guy gets it.

I_medium SI's Luke Winn takes an analytic look at the state of college basketball heading into 2016-17.

I_medium The top five in the latest NCAA men's soccer RPI rankings is all ACC teams, including No. 3 Louisville.

I_medium Stewart Mandel of Fox Sports says Louisville and Clemson could meet again.

So special that he'll likely remain No. 1 on most Heisman Watch lists this week even in spite of the loss. But Watson's not going anywhere, either. Clemson has now won 22 of its last 23 games dating to late 2014, the only loss in last year's national championship game to Alabama. Beating Top 5 teams is becoming habit for Swinney's program.

Petrino's did once already this season, but the Florida State team it humiliated has been further exposed as nothing special. And it doesn't get brownie points for taking Clemson to the wire. The Cardinals' best plan at this point is to start blowing people out again all the way up until that Houston game to keep themselves in the national conversation.

Who knows after that?

"It'd be cool to see them again," said Leggett. "Two ACC teams in the final four."

It could definitely happen.

I_medium With six ranked teams and three who have legitimate playoff aspirations, #goacc has taken on a new meaning.

I_medium It's looking more and more likely that the ACC is going to move to a 9-game conference schedule at some point.

I_medium Louisville is No. 5 in the updated S&P rankings, but some of the Cards' advanced defensive stats are troubling.

I_medium I enjoy the latest EDSBS magazine cover.

I_medium Louisville falls out of Pat Forde's projected 4-team playoff.

I_medium Multiple Kentucky fans told arguably their best basketball player for the upcoming season that they wanted him to leave Lexington because he tweeted this:

I_medium Campus Insiders gives you Louisville-Clemson in 60 seconds.

I_medium Louisville City FC is moving on in the USL playoffs following a 2-0 win over Richmond.

I_medium James Harden is the latest member of the celebrities tweeting about Lamar Jackson club.

I_medium A Clemson fan recounts his experience on Saturday, calling it a game of the ages.

I_medium Saturday Blitz recaps three things it learned from U of L-Clemson.

I_medium And finally, John and I react to Saturday's game and I share my experience in Death Valley from 3-6 today on 93.9 The Ville.