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What teams should Louisville root for and against in week 7?

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

I'm going to start this off again, because I think it fell on some deaf ears last time, by saying that we're all fully aware of the fact that the only thing Louisville can control is itself. That being the case, there's no need for any "Who cares? Let's just beat everyone by a thousand, enjoy our own season and let the chips fall where they may" comments. We get it.

We also get that if U of L is going to make the College Football Playoff -- which is something that I would really like to see happen and am assuming you would too -- we're going to need some stuff to break our way. That's what this is about. If you don't care about that, that's totally cool.

For the rest of us, here's what we're looking to see happen this weekend outside of Louisville making Duke disband its football program:

Clemson to destroy NC State, or NC State to win a close game (Noon/ABC)

We find ourselves in the exact same situation with Clemson as we did a week ago when they took on Boston College; we need the Tigers to either take a couple of close league losses so that we can have a shot at the ACC title, or we need them to destroy all challengers so that they look like an unstoppable 13-0 machine.

At this point, I find myself rooting for the latter scenario, just because I don't see these guys losing twice, and them losing once and still winning the Atlantic is the disaster scenario that's at play.

No. 19 Oklahoma beating Kansas State (Noon/ESPN)

Even with Houston losing last week, every Oklahoma win makes the Cougars look a little bit better, which in turn makes a potential Cardinal victory on Nov. 17 that much more impressive.

Texas Tech beating No. 20 West Virginia (Noon/FS1)

I know West Virginia is garbage, you know West Virginia is garbage, Dana Holgorsen probably knows West Virginia is garbage. None of that changes the fact that the Mountaineers are 4-0 and that they need to fall at some point.

Virginia beating Pitt (12:30 p.m./ACC Network)

Go, Coastal Division teams that Louisville plays this season. Not you, Duke.

Indiana beating No. 10 Nebraska (3:30 p.m./ABC-ESPN2)

Also falling under the "seem like trash but we need them to prove it" umbrella is Nebraska, which finds itself with a perfect 5-0 record and ranked in the top 10 heading into this weekend's road game at IU. Root for the Huskers to fall here, and then root like hell for them to topple Ohio State on Nov. 5 ... and potentially against Wisconsin the week before.

No. 14 Florida State beating Wake Forest (3:30 p.m./ESPN)

Wake Forest has a better record than the Seminoles right now, but don't even try to make the "maybe it would be better if the Deacs won this one" argument. FSU is better than Wake (which looked dismal in its 33-16 loss to NC State), and Louisville needs that 63-20 win to shine as brightly as possible for the next couple of months.

Kansas beating No. 11 Baylor (3:30 p.m./FS1)

They damn near beat TCU last week, sooo ... shrug emoji.

No. 1 Alabama beating No. 9 Tennessee (3:30 p.m./CBS)

You're going to have to trust me on this one.

Tennessee plays NO ONE of any consequence after this game -- South Carolina, Tennessee Tech, Missouri, Kentucky and Vanderbilt. That means if they win this one, they're a victory in the SEC title game away from making the playoff.

The only way that the SEC doesn't send at least one team to the national semifinals is if everyone has two losses. Believe it or not, it's more likely that 'Bama loses twice after this game than it is that Tennessee loses once.

Is that scenario going to play out? Of course not, but we're looking for every possibility here.

Syracuse beating No. 17 Virginia Tech (3:45 p.m./ESPNU)

Unless we make it to the ACC title game, the only Coastal Division teams we care about are Duke and Virginia. The rest can burn.

Missouri beating No. 18 Florida (4 p.m./SEC Network)

The Gators are now going to make up their game with LSU and it's going to be played in Baton Rouge, a fact which makes them less of a threat than they were at the start of the week. Still, let's go ahead and take that second L and join the club.

Charlotte beating Florida International (6 p.m.)

The 49ers are officially 1-0 when featured on this list after they took down Florida Atlantic (28-23) last week. Worst team in the FBS, my ass.

No. 13 Houston beating Tulsa (7 p.m./ESPN2)

I'd say "and please do it convincingly," but apparently we were asking wayyyyy too much of you guys last week.

Notre Dame beating Stanford (7:30 p.m./NBC)

Two Cardinal opponents (Duke and NC State) have wins over Notre Dame, and another (Syracuse) lost to the Irish. That being the case, it'd be cool if Brian Kelly's team turned things around enough to at least, like, make a bowl.

Colorado beating Arizona State (8 p.m./Pac-12 Network)

The Buffaloes took that second L last week, so now it's time for the Sun Devils to do the same ... and then beat Washington for us a little later .... and maybe Utah.

No. 8 Wisconsin beating No. 2 Ohio State (8 p.m./ABC)

If you could pick one thing on this list to actually happen, I would say it'd probably have to be this one.