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Devonte Fields to Return for Senior Season

Louisville received its biggest news of the offseason today when pass rushing star Devonte Fields announced he would return for his senior season, setting up a chance at a special 2016 football season.

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Louisville's string of good news of players opting to return continued today as DE/OLB Devonte Fields announced via his personal Twitter feed that he'll be returning to Louisville for his senior season.

After a relatively slow start to the 2015 season where it was clear he was getting used to playing major college football again, Fields finished the season as Louisville's best pass rusher. In addition to finishing fourth on the team in tackles, Fields finished the season with 22.5 tackles for loss, 13 of which came in the team's final four games where he began to look more and more like the Devonte Fields that starred at TCU. He also finished with 11 sacks, 5.5 of which came in the season finale against Kentucky and bowl game against TCU.

Fields joins Keith Kelsey and Josh Harvey-Clemons as integral pieces of the defense that opted to play an additional season next year. With their return, Louisville will almost assuredly be a top 25 preseason team now that the entire offense will return intact and the quarterback position appears to be settled once and for all. Louisville's schedule is not easy and FSU, Clemson, and Houston all return the majority of their highly successful 2015 teams as well. Nevertheless, 2016 is shaping up to be Louisville's best chance to contend for the ACC Atlantic title and/or make a major new year's six bowl game.