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NC State is having a "Black Out" for Thursday's game against Louisville

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Things haven't gone swimmingly for NC State since Louisville knocked them out of the NCAA Tournament in the Sweet 16 last March.

Trevor Lacey declared for the NBA Draft, the Pack opened a season of high expectations with a 17-point home loss to William & Mary, they then lost twice more in non-conference play before opening their ACC slate with a 73-68 loss at Virginia Tech.

Mark Gottfried's team needs something good to happen, and the best chance for that turnaround-sparking event comes Thursday when No. 16 Louisville will walk into PNC Arena. It's a win that would re-galvanize the fan base (to an extent), and set the stage for a solid run in ACC play and a return trip to the big dance.

With so much on the line, NC State has deemed the game a "Black Out."

So I guess this means Louisville will be wearing red? Or do they go with their home whites? I don't know, but if I'm making the decision I'm going with whichever color hides Cat Barber's boogers the best.