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Rick Pitino writes about the Wake Forest win

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Bloggin' Rick took back to the Interwebz on Monday to recap Sunday night's ACC-opening victory over Wake Forest. He touched on the good and the bad from the game, revealed the game's MVP, and expressed happiness that Russ Smith, Stephan Van Treese an Chris Jones were all in the crowd.

Here's a snippet:

The good is also the bad. For the first time, Damion Lee did not play well and we still won. I told him after the game, like Puerto Rico, he must understand how the defense will plan to stop him. He must move without the ball and pass more to free himself up as the game progresses. Lesson learned. He is a tremendous young man.

Donovan Mitchell - rebounds his misses and finishes. To have a rebounding guard helps with Terry moving on. He is improving each week.

Chinanu Onuaku - Although he got beat down the floor in transition, he worked all night for the first time and logged major minutes. He made good post moves, played excellent defense and put players in their correct areas. He's off to a great start in his sophomore season.

Trey Lewis - Fred Hina said he could not go, as he was only 60%. Trey would have none of it. It was a bad ankle sprain. Not many athletes would have that degree of toughness. Really proud of him.

You can read the whole thing right here.